Charlie Sheen: Has the Tide Turned on Him? (VIDEO)

Sheen's Wild Quotes
The craziest things out of Charlie's mouth.
Charlie Sheen: 'Today'
Charlie continues his bizarre media blitz.
It’s been a wild few months for Charlie Sheen. He went from troubled actor with serious addiction problems to cult hero with more than a million Twitter followers in a single day. With every twist and turn that Charlie lived out for the world to see, public perception of the Two and a Half Men actor seemed to sway just as easily.

But is Charlie really “winning,” as he’s claimed (and trademarked). Sure, he’s shot to folk hero infamy and revamped his image while it was on the brink of collapse, but what about all of the people, friends and “goddesses” around him? What do they think? Journalist Ian Halperin is taking a look at the real story behind Sheen’s wild ride with Hollywood Black Book, premiering Friday May 12 on TV Guide channel.

Speaking with some of the people closest to Charlie over the past few months, the real story behind Sheen gets laid out for the world to see. Why were people so obsessed with him online and on Twitter? Is his current career sustainable? All of the questions — and much more — will be answered. Watch Hollywood Black Book on TV Guide on May 12 at 10pm.