Jessie J Shows Cannes ‘Love,’ Talks Bi-Sexuality (PHOTOS)

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What a day for Jessie J! The UK singer took the stage to perform for Cannes Festival go-ers at the Grand Journal TV show, showing her “Love” on her sleeve — almost literally. 

The feisty 23-year-old rocked out in a shirt that read “I Love” with a moustache graphic underneath. Apparently, Jessie isn’t bias when it comes to people who can grow facial hair, as she revealed in a new interview that she’s also attracted to women.

“I’ve been with guys and I’ve been with girls,” she tells The Telegraph. “I kind of think it’s about the person not the genitals. A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, she doesn’t know what she is,’ but I definitely think my generation is more easygoing about it.”

The outspoken pop star added that while her sexuality may confuse people, she feels it would be harder if she were a guy. “I think it’s harder for boys [to be bisexual]. I think if a girl’s bi there’s more acceptance because guys like it. Whereas boys get more stereotyped. And girls are a bit like, ‘Oooh, my boyfriend’s bisexual.’ But it is what it is. That’s the message I want my album to bring – to just be true to yourself.”

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