Katy Perry Gets Wild at the Sydney Zoo (PHOTOS)

Katy's 'Purr'fect Cleavage
Check out more pics of Katy's revealing dress!
We all know that Katy Perry has wild style, and her recent trip to the Sydney Zoo was no exception!

Mrs. Russell Brand took some time off from her world tour to spend time among the animals, and looked fashionable wearing a Wheels and Doll Baby 1950’s inspired top. Rounding out the look was a pair of Ray-Bans and some cute velvet Marc Jacobs mouse shoes.

So, which one of the animals did Katy really bond with during her time there?

 The giraffes! Katy got up close and personal with one of the friendly animals.

Check out all the photos of Katy’s zoo day in the gallery, then tell us what you think of her look on Twitter or Facebook!

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