Lady Gaga Rocks Cannes with Pantsless “Judas” Performance (VIDEO)

What would a party be without Lady Gaga? The petite “Judas” chanteuse brought her brand of unique fashionista glam to the Cannes Film Festival for an energetic performance from Le Grand Journal.

Wearing a red veil and toting along barely-clothed male and female babes, Gaga sang “Judas” for a small audience on Cannes’ famous Croisette Boulevard. Always looking to acknowledge her fans, Gaga greeted crowds of screaming French “monsters” who were clearly very excited to see Gaga in the flesh.The whole performance was filmed for Le Grand Journal, a french TV show for Canal+. Watch the performance after the jump.

“Just performed in Cannes for Le Grand Journal,” Gaga tweeted following the performance. “Amen, Magdalene Fashion!” Lady Gaga is currently en route to London where she will be making an appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

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