Miley Cyrus Hits the Beach in Teeny Bikini (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus had fun in the sun with her female friends at Barra da Tijuca beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Relaxing on the beach, the pop star flaunted her curves in a silver two-piece bikini.

After some serious sun bathing, Miley packed up her stuff and covered up in cut-off jean shorts and a Willie Nelson t-shirt.

Miley has certainly been making the most of her time in Brazil.

Last night, she and her mother Tish Cyrus watched the sunset from the Cristo Redentor statue on the Corcovado mountain. Taking photographs, they looked cool and casual posing in front of the famous statue.

She arrived to Brazil on May 11 and has been touring South America since late last month. 



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  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    dont know if thats her mom w/ the wings or Not, but if it is SORRY MOMMA CYRuS > how dumb is the placement of those wings or is it jus me o.O smh

  • dave1001

    Miley's got a great ass and nice tits too. Looking at her mom, it's easy to see where she got them from.

  • nana

    I like miley cyrus she is looking cute in bikkini. Nana from lebanon

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  • Kelly Stanley
    Kelly Stanley

    she'z on the beach swimming u taRd... what should she wear a head 2 toe snow suit??/ bLaH

  • thegreatestmanalive

    Young Miley has grown into a sexy hottie. Do your thang baby. But ditch the cancer sticks before you can't.

  • Tony j
    Tony j

    Yep, give her time she'll be muff-diving soon, if she hasn't done it yet!

  • rthydtgh

    does she not have any better clothes than that??

  • SashaWindsburgh

    LMAO..those are hips you douchebag

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  • Bri

    bitch u must be skinny as hell to say miley fat.

  • livesinafairytale

    What the heck? First off, gay isn't an insult. If you wanna insult her, actually do so, don't misuse the word "Gay." Secondly, she looks fine here. She's just enjoying herself and I find nothing wrong with this picture.

  • cristian

    pues ojala fuera como dice que es pues con eso de que es una hipocrita y patea banderas digo y mas con mexico y venezuela ¡wow!

  • Jonalyn Daig
    Jonalyn Daig

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    stephen farrier

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    Riley =)

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    Thank god. Miley has an angel watching her back.

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  • berri

    Haters shut the hell up and go to nother celebrity ,don't be jeaulous,that's reaally really sick! LoyouMiley,Proudtobesmiler,WesupportYouCyrus

  • D'oh

    ugh I just threw up in my mouth


    Americans are so dumb, this is not even a teeny bikini. This is normal bikini. Do you not know what a bikini is?? THIS IS A BIKINI. "Teeny" would be like HALF the boob coverage here.

  • Mike

    That is a pretty tame bikini, not teeny.

  • Bo

    hahaha LOL.. you've got some pretty serious issues going on, if this is what you consider as fat.

  • Nomesh Agrawal
    Nomesh Agrawal

    She is so hot.... i love you Miley... :0 <3

  • SassyKyss

    Really, that's what you consider Fat, C??? Are you an idiot?

  • C

    sze's faaaaaaaaaatt!!! blah

  • Meadowoman

    She's got the looks of someone who will be fat once her flat stomach disappears with her first baby. She's going to make a plastic surgeon rich otherwise. It's a shame that women only have this kind of disgusting reveal to look forward to and that they pander to the hoe image rather then take the high road to look like a lady. Sad, very sad. It's decreased the respect women have tremendously.

  • Steph

    That is not teeny weenie! She is very covered, please lay off her!!!

  • Anne

    miley is awesome end of story

  • nuttycharis16

    she has a nyc body

  • TaylorSwiftmyidol

    she is no a virgin anymor, thats not the body of a virgin

  • Megamileyfan1

    lt's so wonderful to see miley having a gd time,just chilling with friends.But unless these pics are staged by miley herself,l can't help thinking this is rather creepy.l mean miley can't even have some time to be with her mom & friends,without some idiot stalking her,l wish ppl would just give miley some time to be herself,without someone,violating that private time.But these pics just go to prove what l've said about miley right from the start,she is the most Beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth.She is wonderful,l just hope those ppl out there in the world,that have been privalaged & enough to meet her,realise how lucky they are.l live in the uk,& because when she comes over here,it's for a short time,l know in my heart l will never get to meet her,lord knows l've tried,but l've just had to resign myself to the fact,that it's never gonna happen.But as a huge fan,l will continue to love & support her,from my laptop.Godbless you miles:)ur Awesome.l don't care what others say about you,to me,ur total perfection.There's nothing about you,l would change,l love you just the way u r.XXX Keith White(Megamileyfan1)uk.

  • Maiva

    I think it's tacky for men OR women to have a tattoo; I just don't get the appeal of it. Oh, and I'm FAR from being traditional or conservative - quite the opposite, actually.

  • me

    Who's the big girl behind her?

  • CrazyMileyFan

    Miley is a very nice and beautiful girl.The media does everuthing to make her name bad...But we,The real fans know that she is an amazing person.I know she has many haters but I don't care.Haters are jeaulous,the only thing that they can is make a bad comment about a popular celebrity.I love her,and I know there are Millions of people who loves her.

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    Miley Cyus Is an angel,there's 1 Miley Cyrus and there will be 1 Miley Cyrus,And there comes never a new Miley Cyrus In this world!! loveyoouuangeel!

  • Bo

    I understand what you're trying to say.. but isn't that a little bit of black & white thinking? I mean we're living in the 21st century n'd getting inked-up isn't only for gang members of criminals since a long time ago. Tattoos are symbolic for something you stand for, or a way to carry memories with you .. they mean something special. Often there's a story behind it.. and in my opinion you can't judge nor discuss such things, until you know the story behind theirs.. n'd even then it's too personal for outstanders to discuss about. I wasn't going to get inked-up myself.. before a few years ago. I wasn't against it but i had no reason to.. till something life-changing happened, i haven't had a doubt n'd get inked-up immediately. It's a part of me.. it tells a story, without the story has to be told for me or by me. People around me don't even call it a tattoo.. they say it's a part of me, or that it makes me for who i am. And honestly i've never ever been called, white trash or trashy since i got it. Maybe it's a big culture difference between europe n'd america.. i don't know, i just find that hard to imagine though!

  • Jacq

    By Brazilian standards, that bikini is not so much teeny as incredibly large and discrete.

  • Jeff Mace
    Jeff Mace

    Who the Fuck do you think you are. You stand for everything wrong about America. I'm ashamed to call you a fellow citizen, with your judgemental bullshit.

  • Adam

    Bo, because a lot of gang members, criminals use tattoos to represent their gangs. A lot of them use tattoos to get recognized on many crimes they committed such as murders, robberies. That's why tattoos do not have favor view from traditional and conservative people. Another thing is that people who have a lot tattoos sometimes they look like freaks. I'm not saying all people who have tattoos are bad. But if you want to get a lot of tattoos, don't be surprised if others think of you as criminals.

  • blaize

    Why do people think it's trashy for women to have tattoos?

  • MileysGreat

    When was that? Date? Oh I love miley, she's so great! :*

  • mondue

    these woman..and I use that term loosely, look like complete white trash. Please show your teenaged girls these pictures when they ask if they can get a tatoo. If your lucky, they will change their minds.

  • Bo

    You're the prove that it could be the other way around! Thank you, i'm glad you get the point i wanted to make. I truelly love america n'd how hospitable most americans are.. but indeed the judgement against many celebrities isn't always right.. they're just human-beings living their dream. And i just don't go with the often heard argument "they choose to be in publicity" .. should they give up their dream just because people are obsessively making judgements, photo's or rumors against them? People shouldn't set celebrities on a pedestal just to kick them off of it again.. if you don't agree with someones way of life.. why spent energy by judging them.

  • Chriana

    She iss sooo sexyy! I wish I had her body,eyes,hair,voice and tallent!!

  • Latinahottie16

    She loses some weight!! LoveYouMySmiley!

  • Jen

    Bo, your English is just fine :) Let me assure you that there are many Americans out there, like myself, who are very irritated with the obsessively judgmental culture here.


    love her tattoo

  • Bo

    No offence.. It's not like i meant ALL u american.. but it's not a secret a lot of you aren't objectively pronounce your opinions about miley. It's like she's a bad bad influence for many american kids... but for like no reason. N'd about my grammer.. i would prefer to write in dutch, but i bet you couldn't read it right? So.. i'm sorry if i've insulted you by my bad grammer.. but i guess you got my point of statement anyway, right? So what makes the difference? If you like to discuss in dutch it'll be the last to reject.

  • Bieber fever
    Bieber fever

    Love u Miley u are gorgeous screw the haters

  • Cris

    Dear Bo, What's wrong with you Dutch people that you'd make a blanket statement like that? One moron does not the American public make.Should I assume by your pathetic grammar that everyone from Holland is also poorly educated?

  • The Critical Crassness
    The Critical Crassness

    Man, my definition of skimpy and the writer's must be completely different. This two piece bathing suit is hardly a bikini. In fact it is pretty darn modest compared to what many celebrities are wearing at the beach. As for her tattoos, big deal! There are plenty of girls her age with lots more tats than she has. It is just the style of today! Some people would find anything to complain about where Miley is concerned. They would be critical even if she wore a one piece bathing suit that covered her from neck to ankles, just because they are bitter, shallow people, who hate anyone that is successful.

  • Bo

    Really..what is wrong with you american people, are you really that simple minded? Makin' such a big deal out of anything.. Why should people surrouding her with tattoo's, be a bad thing? What's wrong with tattoo's.. would it make someone a different or bad person? Behing every tattoo is a meaningfull story.. it's a part of someones life.. i really don't get whats bad about that? N'd who are you too even judge about or comment about her? If you're a fan you should understand that it's hard to go somewhere to spend a day off at the beach with your friends n'd paps are takin' photo's from out the bushes which she doesn't know.. just award her a little privacy! N'd if you're an hater.. spend your energy on something you'll objectively judge or don't judge at all. All those negative energy.. when there's really nothing to comment about, just respect her! RADIATELOVE From Holland With Love,

  • Musa Baloch
    Musa Baloch

    she looks hooooooot..

  • Tay

    She looks amazing! healthy and gorgg!!

  • Esther

    How to contact her?

  • andy

    ur just jealous that she looks nice and sexy! she's healthy, ok! gosh u stupid miley haters

  • andy

    ur just jealous that she looks nice and sexy! she's healthy!

  • courtneybaaaby

    woah she looks white.

  • joeping

    there's a difference between a great body and a body with 0% body fat. she may not even have a healthy body. who knows? just throwing it out there...

  • Anne

    no wonder she has tattoos look at the people around her . that is not good for her but im glad to see her having fun she deserves it

  • Anne

    she has a great body !