A Look Back at Beyonce’s Sexiest Music Videos!

Beyonce's Video Shoot
Queen B films her latest video.
Beyonce: Met Gala!
Beyonce & Jay-Z at fashion's biggest night!
Beyonce's Best Looks
Take a look at some of B's hottest looks.
We’ve all been waiting for Beyonce Knowles’ music video for her single “Run the World (Girls)”, and it’s finally on its way here! In anticipation for the vid, Celebuzz came up with our fave videos from the fierce pop star!

“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”

Beyonce in a black leotard, can’t go wrong! Once this video hit the Internet, people were replicating the dance moves and Beyonce’s style all over YouTube. Justin Timberlake even spoofed it on Saturday Night Live (Beyonce made an appearance in the sketch) as well as the Jonas Brothers!


The pop star is all about the ladies. In this track, Beyonce empowered every woman to say “to the left, to the left” if their man was acting up. 

“Work It Out”

Beyonce showed off some big 70s hair when she starred in the Austin Powers sequel and came out with a music video in conjunction with the comedy. This is where we all saw more of her alter ego Sasha Fierce come out and dance like nobody’s watching.

“Crazy in Love” featuring Jay-Z

Following the success of Destiny Child’s “Bootylicious,” Beyonce started another dance move when this video with now husband Jay-Z hit the airwaves. This super-fast booty shake is still a hit in the clubs. 

“Survivor” (Destiny’s Child)