Box Office Battle: ‘Bridesmaids’ Vs ‘Priest’ — Which Will You See?

At last week’s box office, the uber-dude flick Thor reigned supreme and left the rom-com Something Borrowed in its dust, but for this week’s releases, will Bridesmaids be able to put Priest in its place?

While it remains to be seen if Bridesmaids can conquer Thor, we have a feeling that will be entirely possible to beat Priest.

What makes us so confident?

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Bridesmaids, the Judd Apatow-produced comedy starring Kristen Wiig is sitting pretty with a rating of 90% while the sci-fi thriller Priest, which stars Cam Gigandet, is barely hanging on at 9%. Yikes!

Although, just because critics pan a film, doesn’t mean people won’t flock to it, right?

So Celebuzz movie lovers, what movie are you heading out to see this weekend? Bridesmaids? Priest? Another showing of Thor? Let us know by taking it to the poll and casting your vote!

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