Khloe Kardashian's Lighter Locks: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

Khloe Kardashian showed up on Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday, May 11, with a slightly lighter look.

Her sister Kim fully supported Khloe's new hair color, tweeting: "OMG @KhloeKardashian u look sooooo GORGE!!!!! Ur hair lighter, that skirt & those blinged out shoes! #stunning"

We want to know what you think of Khloe's new hair: Yay or Nay? Vote on the poll below and don't forget to leave a few comments. 

Khloe tweeted moments before she took the Tonight Show stage in regards to her outfit. She reached out to her followers, asking: 

"Did I make a good outfit choice?? Are the purple nails too much?! LOL"
While on the show seated next to Dick Van Dyke, Khloe spoke about marrying her hubby Lamar Odom after only knowing him for 30 days. Khloe lost her dad at 19 and Lamar lost his mother and grandmother at a young age as well, but the happy couple believes they have their lost loved ones' blessings. "We think our parents in heaven wanted this and moved it right along."

Check out the reality star's interview on Leno below: 



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  • Courtney Doucette
    Courtney Doucette

    Khloe is probably one of the most beautiful people in this world. I wish I could look half as nice as she does in these pictures. I'm pretty sure she probably looks better then any of you people too! Who cares if she has a wardrobe malfunction it has happend to all of us. Khloe dont listen to anything these people have to say!!! Your beautiful

  • bob

    she looks like a amzon warrior, ugh!!!

  • krista

    khole nipple covers seriously. the outfit lovin it but needed a lil help hidin the nips

  • Morfia

    I agree, stay as you need for another flat stick figure for a role model. You are beautiful as you are and everyone should only have 1/4 of your confidence! God bless.

  • Tanny

    Dont hate her coz u aint her!!! She is awesome :)

  • konagal

    I think Khloe looks more natural and less harsh with the brown hair compared to having black hair. Her features are not dark and exotic like her sisters, therefore, this color on her hair looks absolutely perfect ! She is a natural beauty and isn't a midget, therefore it will be good when she realizes that she is perfect just the way she is. I wish she and Lamar much luck with their friendship first and foremost, with that intact, they can withstand the nasty media and the haters.

  • Natasha

    I think Khloe is beautiful and I agree that if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. I think people that are a size 0 need to eat more often. Its unhealthy. and Khloe is not fat! She may not be as petite as Kourtney, but she voluptuous and gorgeous!

  • Suzanna


  • Suzanna


  • Suzanna

    OMG, my hubby and I was squinting the whole time, because he nipple was right there.... I don't know how she walked out like that. Invest in some proper undergarments, please!!!

  • mandy

    khloe not the best outfit choice doll even though you did look very nice.....and doll the lighter hair needs to go....its making ur face look fuller and im not the one to judge but ive learned goin lighter *on some ppl* adds weight to your appearance.....luv ya doll your still my fav kardashian.

  • Lillian Michelle Linder
    Lillian Michelle Linder

    Some of the comments on here truly amaze me, when did it become cool to talk about, make fun, or point out what you think may be a flaw in another, it amazes me that people are going out of there way to be mean and state things that are just down right rude ugly and vicious!!! You guys really need a clue or a life, when does being a size 6 make you a better person, I love Khloe and the fact is she is who she is, a beautiful married young lady trying to make something out of herself, all the hate is unnecessary. The fact is when we point out others flaws we are only pointing out the ones we see with in ourselves. if you are unhappy with yourself do something to change it dont tear someone else down trying to build yourself up, so not becoming and btw Khlow as Bruno Mars would say: Your Amazing Just the Way You Are!<3<3 Love the new hair color I think it you would look great with that same color but go a little past shoulder length grow the bang out and try a nice layered bob you would totally kill with a layered bob because of the shape of your face!!



  • Cheri Shones
    Cheri Shones

    those checks??? go back to school, grow a brain and than come back and try to sound cool!

  • Cheri Shones
    Cheri Shones

    For those that dont like Khloe, I hope you all feel really cool about following someone you dont care for around making rude comments. I am going to safely assume that you all are ignorant fat ass' that dont have a life so you have to waste your time trying to tare someone down. I hope it makes you feel good to sound like a complete chump. Since the things she does affects each of your lives so much, and you just cant stand the thought of her even dying her hair like any other HUMAN, how about you do yourself a favor and go jump off a bridge.

  • Cheri

    Wow these ignorant posts amaze me! If you dont like Khloe, than why are you following her every move? Why do you care if her hair is light or dark or that she isnt anorexic? Does it make someone less hot if you cant see their bones? I think she is proportioned properly for her body. She is the only 1 out of the 3 that looks like she should. At least her ass isnt 3x the size of her body. She is very tall, and still very slender for her height. She has no rolls, how is she fat? And why does it affect your life so much? I think people bash her and others in hopes to make themselves feel better. Get a life!

  • cin

    She needs to get a check restoration like Bristol Palin those checks are so chubby get it done khloe?

  • amanda

    Nipple and ass shot nice khloe!!!!

  • Ash

    she's a beautiful women and I would kill to be her size and this is coming from someone that is a size 0 I rather be her weight and she flaunts it and I give er props on that

  • Cassiecass

    Damn its so sad how many hateful people there is on these gossip websites, if you people don't like her so much then stop reading these stories, She looks great to me and she is making money so she is doing something right, people really need to get lives and stop being so negative, it isn't healthy! keep doing your thing khloe!


    she's gorgeous either way! i love the kardashians =))

  • crystal smith
    crystal smith

    hum.... can anyone say, nipple?

  • Heather White
    Heather White

    Oh no can see through your shirt in a bad way :(

  • gee

    you're looking bigger... dont let yourself go girl!

  • Ana

    I think she is a beautiful woman.She is not a size -0 so what,she is still gorgeous!I never understood the need people have to leave nasty comments full of hate.If you don't like some celeb or whoever,just why waste your time and energy on commenting and looking the pics that may "disturb" you in any way.Internet is an amazing thing - you have so many choices:)

  • KardashiansOnline.Net

    Then don't look at them! Some people really need to practice the good old saying, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it". Comments like that are EXACTLY the reason why every 12 year old girl aspires to be a size 0. A size 0 being an unrealistic and unhealthy target. The pictures are natural, beautiful and inspiring. Khloe is healthy, successful and beautiful. Natural beauty is something that can't be bought. Looking like a lollipop or a stick with a head is not fashionably, it's not nice and it's certainly not hot. Khloe is a damn good role model and if you don't like looking at pictures of her, don't google her or go out of your way to find them. SIMPLE.

  • nicole

    those pics I've seen of her & lamar naked are very disturbing. She looks like a big gorilla trying to jump on a monkey's back

  • nicole

    she looks nothing like her sisters! she has a different "accent"/tone too, listen when she talks, anything ending with a "G", she can't say

  • nicole

    she does have nice legs, but she really needs to do something about that hair! no wonder she's constantly flipping the bangs outta her face, its a mess!

  • nicole

    wow, is she getting bigger? i use to like her, but the fake laugh and hair flip is too much for me. plus, she follows everything kim does, i've seen her tweets & her blog.

  • fishyfishy

    khloe should lose the puff: hit the sauna girl! become fucklistable! (

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