Style Showdown: Brittany Snow & Madeline Zima

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Who sported the sexy style best? The John Tucker Must Die star Brittany Snow chose the French Connection minidress for her Love is Louder event back in February. Meanwhile, Californication actress Madeline Zima showed up in the same style at the Nylon Magazine Young Hollywood party that was held on May 4th. 

Brittany kept her hair pulled back in a messy bun and accessorized the getup with a long gold chain and nude heels. Madeline chose to have her down and wear a key necklace to compliment the dress. Which styled star do you prefer? Vote on the poll below and feel free to leave a few comments!

Back in March, Brittany again showed her sexy side when she posed for the cover of Maxim Magazine. Snow told the mag that she never considered herself a sex symbol, and even with the new spread, has no intention of becoming one.

“I’ve read in magazines where someone like Jessica Alba says, ‘I’m not a sex symbol. I don’t even think I’m sexy!’ I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, girl, you’re kidding.’ I mean I hate to sound like the stereotypical actress, but if I’m gonna be honest…I really don’t think I am. But it’s nice when other people think so!”