Happy 18th Birthday, Miranda Cosgrove! (PHOTOS)

Happy Birthday!
Miranda Cosgrove: Through The Years
Miranda Cosgrove has grown up so fast and today the iCarly star turns 18!

From her humble beginnings on the show Drake & Josh to her own hit show iCarly, this actress has one bright career ahead of her. To celebrate some of Miranda’s best pre-18 moments, Celebuzz put together a gallery of her style evolution from cute kid to budding fashionista.

Check out all Miranda’s best looks in the gallery and wish her a happy birthday in the comments!



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  • Mubarak

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  • Hakan

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  • lena

    hello miranda you had in may you 18th birthday sorry i cant go to your concert i had school time. i wish you today happy birthday and 1 000x sorry miranda you are so many cool. but on this time my calender was very ful i had so much work. on next year i come to your concert and i said ahhhhhhhhhh and miranda55555555555x . ok sorry that was only for you bye

  • Mohammad Fares Zakaria
    Mohammad Fares Zakaria

    I don't think there is someone alive loves carly more than me I love her as long as the ditance between earth and sky . My love to you is brighter than any light , and I wanna be right .

  • ashan priyashanka
    ashan priyashanka

    hey im frm sri lanka.im crzy abt u nd loving abt u dear

  • aisha

    happy birthday merandaaaaaaaaaaa from aisha

  • Sarzipan

    Someone needs to eat a sandwhich! She has become way too skinny to look healthy. Ew.

  • lexilove

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Arias Kelly
    Arias Kelly

    I just turned 18 two days ago, and i love it. So happy b-day, lil lady. And enjoy being a pre adult, as i like to say it.

  • Alison Clarke
    Alison Clarke

    Happy Birthday Miranda!!!!

  • Anne

    Happy Birthday girl !