Miley Cyrus Gets Racy With Costume in Brazil (PHOTOS)

Miley Gone Wild
The most risque outfits Miss Cyrus has donned.
Miley's Bikini Bod
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It’s been a banner week for anyone interested in Miley Cyrus’ body, as the starlet paraded around a Brazilian beach earlier in the week, and now just days later, she hit the stage sporting some seriously provocative outfits.

Cyrus took the stage in Rio on Friday night donning a bedazzled leather bikini top with odd-looking cut-out leather shorts, proving to the world that she’s definitely moved on from her Hannah Montana days and is now here to push some buttons.

Cyrus is in Brazil as part of her Gypsy Heart tour. After one more concert in Brazil, she’ll continue her South American trek by hitting up Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia before making her way to Mexico.

Earlier this week, she was spotted sunbathing with her mom Tish and others on a Rio beach, and took to Twitter shortly after to complain about how photographers were scoping her out.

Miley vented:

loving Rio 2.HATING the paps. 3. So not fair grown ass men can hide in the bushes and take pics of us girls in our bikinis! … On the bright side today feels like the first day off Ive had in a lonngggg time. =]]] felt so awesome. thank you Rio

Thankfully, her mood took a turn towards happier thoughts hours later, as Miley sent birthday wishes to her mom: “Had the best time w/ @tishcyrus1 tonight =] Happy B-day mama T! You really are the best! =]]]]”

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