Miley Cyrus Gets Racy With Costume in Brazil (PHOTOS)

It's been a banner week for anyone interested in Miley Cyrus' body, as the starlet paraded around a Brazilian beach earlier in the week, and now just days later, she hit the stage sporting some seriously provocative outfits.

Cyrus took the stage in Rio on Friday night donning a bedazzled leather bikini top with odd-looking cut-out leather shorts, proving to the world that she's definitely moved on from her Hannah Montana days and is now here to push some buttons.

Cyrus is in Brazil as part of her Gypsy Heart tour. After one more concert in Brazil, she'll continue her South American trek by hitting up Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia before making her way to Mexico.

Earlier this week, she was spotted sunbathing with her mom Tish and others on a Rio beach, and took to Twitter shortly after to complain about how photographers were scoping her out.

Miley vented:

loving Rio 2.HATING the paps. 3. So not fair grown ass men can hide in the bushes and take pics of us girls in our bikinis! ... On the bright side today feels like the first day off Ive had in a lonngggg time. =]]] felt so awesome. thank you Rio

Thankfully, her mood took a turn towards happier thoughts hours later, as Miley sent birthday wishes to her mom: "Had the best time w/ @tishcyrus1 tonight =] Happy B-day mama T! You really are the best! =]]]]"



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  • Ingrid

    She's not "grown", she looks like any average teenager trying to be rockerish, which BTW isn't working out. Hope she dedicates herself to singing, because another movie... I cannot handle, I will lose all confidence to actual directors & film of this generation.

  • SashaWindsburgh

    whoa...shithead ! you must be skinny, like sickly SKINNY! shes not fucking skinny :S shes hot size ! :p

  • SashaWindsburgh

    yeaah, HEY! shes still beautiful

  • SashaWindsburgh

    its like she saying ' DADDY!!! ' like she does on the shows!!

  • SashaWindsburgh

    haha, looks like shes crying lmao

  • SashaWindsburgh

    its called Preforming and if you know what that means (:

  • SashaWindsburgh

    She looks worried :p no offense miles

  • SashaWindsburgh

    OMFG!! i think your just a hater, but yeah..i thought she was horrible but i like her more then ever she got awesomer!

  • courtneybaaaby

    jen i couldnt agree with you more!

  • allie

    y iz miley cyrus a :slutt"?

  • Jen

    I missed the times when women weren't so obsessed with other women looking attractive. Oh wait, women have always been jealous judgmental assholes.

  • Jen

    She's performing, what do you want her to wear on stage, a turtleneck? She's a grown woman, she can wear what she wants. She's not trying to be a role model for 10 year olds for the rest of her life, get real. I'm an American but it disgusts me how terrified American women are of sexuality. Oooo she's showing her stomach, what a slut! Get over it, it's a human body, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Skinny D Escaubar Scott
    Skinny D Escaubar Scott

    looking similar too j/p

  • Pete Wentz
    Pete Wentz

    I think if she wants to dress like this we should leave her to it.

  • courtneybaaaby

    i love her top!

  • livesinafairytale

    She's not even skinny here! Look at her stomach!

  • livesinafairytale

    Miley's so pretty but why is she doing this to herself and her career..? She's losing fans left and right because of her new "image." No one likes the new her as much as before...And I don't mean the kid version. I mean the nice version that didn't dress slutty.



  • Megumi Nakamura
    Megumi Nakamura

    OMG!! She's horrible!!...

  • kattitha

    oigan y a udtedes q? miley tiene mejores fotos y udtedes le ponen con la nariz arrugada, poniendo caras raras , etc. no estoy en contra de udtedes pero pongan mejores fotos yo soy su fan numero 1#

  • blu

    obviously the music isn't selling by itself these days...

  • j

    The pants are very cool, but maybe she should wear a shirt

  • dbcooper

    Twisted Sister redone!

  • wow...

    wow at least she's not addicted to crack like Mackenzie Phillips was,god....people forget.....

  • idaolivia

    i think shes beauty :)

  • alipali

    i miss the times when people didnt use being provocative as their "talent!"

  • rainbowpanda

    she's soo wierd i dont like her

  • Brin

    oh come on now this outfit isnt new, its been one her primay stage outfits since the tour started, the person who wrote this wasted thier time

  • sydsouth

    * Wonder which one she likes more, rock or country? *=}

  • rsac3

    just one word: ew

  • Anne

    her concert rockss ! i hope she stays more

  • Lena

    Oh wow when I first looked at the picture I thought she was Lady gaga! *facepalm*

  • Anne

    i love you but you need to stop wearing like that miley

  • Rach

    She deliberately shows a lot of her body, she can't complain about people wanting to see it. Don't wear a bikini if you don't want people to look at your body!!! And outfit for the concert, yes it's her choice, but I don't want to hear hear complaining about how people think of her, it's her own decisions that affect what they think!