Teresa Guidice: LA Was Hot Hot Hot!

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Teresa Guidice, mom, author and Real Housewives of New Jersey star recently made a trip to Los Angeles and wanted to share the experience with Celebuzz! Teresa will have much more to share with us about her crazy and busy life in the coming weeks, so make sure to stayed tuned!

Had the greatest time in Los Angeles… it might actually be one of the best trips I ever had there. Loved meeting all my gorgeous West Coast fans!! I stopped by KISS-FM for an interview with Ryan Seacrest. I never met him before. He is so nice and so charming! And he loved Joe’s Juicy Meatballs from Fabulicious — said he was going to make them this weekend. I loved his whole staff.

Ellen K was really fun (and gorgeous). Of course, Danielle had to call in and leave me a message, but you know bitch doesn’t bother me one bit! (Why is she still news? At least she lives in California now, thank goodness for Jersey!) You can listen to the interview online here.

I also did a cooking presentation on Good Day LA. It’s harder to cook on live TV than you’d think. They’re asking you questions and you’re just trying not to burn everything! I actually splattered oil all over my top, but I don’t think you could tell. The hosts were great, but how many times can people act like I’m going to flip a table on them? Seriously. Seriously. I did that once in my life. Maybe it shouldn’t have been on television, huh? Here’s a link to the segment along with one of the recipes from Fabulicious (Devil Shrimp with Angel Hair Pasta, because I like things hot and spicy!):

I had an amazing book signing at The Grove shopping mall — how gorgeous is that place? Wish I had more time to shop. Loved meeting you all! Everyone was asking me about my shoes. They’re actually handmade for me by a lady in New Jersey. She just takes normal shoes and makes them all fabulous. This time she added chains. She maybe needs to open her own business, right?

I also met up with my old producer from Real Housewives Darren. He got promoted and moved away from me! :( He took me to Marix restaurant — great Mexican food and even better margaritas! I was supposed to head down to San Diego for another book signing, but Bravo made me fly back to NYC for press for the show. I jumped on the red eye, landed, and raced into the city. We did LX TV, Inside Edition and had lunch with People magazine. I’m going back to San Diego in 2 weeks though — can’t wait! I’ll be at Warwick’s in La Jolla on May 26 at 7:30 PM. See you then! xx