A Week in Lady Gaga’s Getups

Gaga's Wildest Fashion
The Lady sure knows how to turn heads.
The streets are Lady Gaga’s runway! The outlandish pop star has been snapped a slew of times this week as she trekked through Europe. 

Click the pics to see the timeline of Gaga’s getups!

On Thursday night, May 12, the “Judas” songbird was spotted wearing a leopard print see-through mesh top and pants (if you can really consider those things pants) as she arrived at Annabel’s in London for a special private performance. Audience members included Kate Moss and Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine.

The night prior, May 11, Gaga performed in Cannes, France wearing a red veil and toting along barely-clothed male and female babes. Gaga sang “Judas” for a small audience on Cannes’ famous Croisette Boulevard. Always looking to acknowledge her fans, Gaga greeted crowds of screaming French “monsters” who were clearly very excited to see Gaga in the flesh.The whole performance was filmed for Le Grand Journal, a french TV show for Canal+. 

During rehearsals for the Cannes show, the performance artist looked super fit and confident as she strutted around the stage in nothing but her lingerie!  Gaga landed in Nice, France earlier and tweeted to her monsters, writing:

“In the glass of a Parisienne boudoir getting ready for BornThisWayMadness.”

While in Paris, Gaga was spotted in a surprisingly subdued outfit when she was photographed leaving her hotel in on Tuesday, May 10. Wearing a tri-colored wig featuring a super-sized topknot, Gaga bared the her chest and midriff in a black ensemble with a cutout along the middle of her body.

Also in Paris, had a lot more clothes on when she touched down at Le Bourget Airport in Paris, France on Wednesday, May 10, and she was sporting some longer locks and a whole lot more black hair! The diva shielded her eyes in the City of Light with dark sunglasses, painted her lips red, draped a black jacket over her and wore what looked to be a diamond necklace.

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