Jennifer Lopez Has Wango Tango Malfunction (PHOTOS)

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Jennifer Lopez had some trouble performing On the Floor on the stage Saturday at Wango Tango at Staple’s Center in Los Angeles, but the American Idol host handled it like a pro.

During the middle of her energetic performance, Lopez’s music and sound completely went out! After a brief second of a stunned look, JLo kept on dancing no sound and all.

The audience applauded and started singing the hit tune while tech folks tried to get Jennifer back and running. Once it got fixed Jennifer did her performance again from the top sounding better than ever, and looking pretty hot too in a skintight suit.

Lopez tweeted after:

“Really?!! The whole sound system goes down? But….. “NO ONE HOLDS MOMMA DOWN!!!!” Haha!! LIVE SHOW, SPEAKERS OUT, FUN TIMES!”

Other top performers of the night included Matthew Morrison (who hung backstage near the VnC Cocktails bar with a newly brunette Chord Overstreet) and Ke$ha, who was seen chatting with Paris Hilton.

Joe Jonas was also there but kept a low profile, paying more attention to the actual concert than celebs and media hanging backstage.

Celebuzz’s favorite look of the night? A gorgeous Britney Spears in a pink dress who cohosted the event with Ryan Seacrest.

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