Audrina Patridge Has a Bikini Birthday Bash in Vegas (PHOTOS)

It's Audrina Patridge's party and she'll bikini if she wants to!

The reality star was spotted flaunting her fabulous bikini bod at a belated 26th birthday celebration at Wet Republic on Saturday, May 14. The former Hills star showed off her, er, hills in a skimpy floral Tigerlily Ines Bikini. Audrina rang in her 26th birthday on Monday, May 9, but decided to have a belated b-day bash at the famous Las Vegas pool party.

Although Audrina was having a fun time showing off her bikini bod, her on-again, off-again boyfriend Corey Bohan didn't have such a good weekend.

TMZ reports that the BMX rider was arrested in Hermosa Beach, California for misdemeanor public intoxication on Friday, May 13. Cory and Audrina had a very public breakup over Twitter in March but TMZ hints that the two are reportedly back together.

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  • Jenni Elisabeth Rocha
    Jenni Elisabeth Rocha

    Why is she soooo tanned from her stomach down, but light on top.

  • Kauan

    Every one should relsiae that the organisers of PCA would never leave the choice of nominees in any1 s hands, people's choice or no. Politics is the same everywhere. They chose these people for reasons that will never be known to us. Adam Lambert is a great singer, but let's rmbr he has pissed people off this year. He sort of rubs his gayness' in our faces, has a lot of attitude, which I hate, and I'm sure some of the PCA people have taken umbrage at, amongst other things. Katy Perry's good too, but Gaga? Justin Bieber??? You Americans should learn to tell the difference between popular songs, and music.And the people who take the time to comment, only to ask us to get over it?? Someone said earlier that a lot more important things were going on in the world. Thank u for letting us know. We had absolutely no idea.

  • TerriblyTexas

    OMG! Audrina's hills are totally GONE! Look at last year's Wet Republic party and this year. Her signature cleavage has been vaporized! From curvy bikini queen to padded princess. She doesn't even look like herself. Sad.

  • Sarah Roberts
    Sarah Roberts

    wayyyy too skinnny! yuck!

  • Nicky

    All around the internet there are tons of sites full of ''She is anorexic, fake boobs, just bones, nobody cares about her, orange skin...'' But she is an ordinary girl, as an actress it's necessary for her to be in a good shape and if she's working out and eating healthily your body can look like this without starving! She has great toned body I think. Little bit too much fake tan, but it's her birthday bash, everyone would like to look their best, right? Fake boobs? Who gives a sh*t? If she feels better and more confident with herself, it's none of our business. Seems happy. That's it.

  • Costa

    Audrina is incredibly gorgeous. I love her. She’s really beautiful and a really sweet girl.