Brad Pitt Steps Out at Cannes, ‘Tree of Life’ Gets Booed! (PHOTOS)

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What you need to know about the 2011 festival
The ultimate A-lister has finally made his way to the Cannes Film Festival, Brad Pitt!

Pitt seemed to be in high spirits as he hammed it for cameras during the Tree of Life photocall on Monday, May 16. The actor sported an all-white ensemble, slicked back hair and a salt and pepper goatee.

However, according to reports, the crowd was not so receptive to the actor’s film.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the film got mixed reviews during it’s first screening at Cannes, being welcomed with both an applause and some boos. According to EW onlookers, people fought their way into the screening to see the highly anticipated film, but some were not so pleased with what they saw.  Regardless of the response, Pitt still spoke to the press, saying of the film and the always elusive director Terrence Malick (who hasn’t spoken to the press at all during Cannes):

“He tells this micro story of this family in a small town in Texas and juxtaposes it with the macro of the birth of the cosmos and cells splitting. I find that so extraordinary. There are parallel truths in that.”

Tree of Life hits theaters May 27 nationwide.