Kristen Stewart's 'Snow White' Film Moved Up

Kristen Stewart's Snow White Moved Up
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Kristen Stewart's Snow White and the Huntsman will not interfere with promotion for Breaking Dawn.

In a brilliant move by Universal, EW reports they have moved up the release date of the film by six months! Not only does this beat rival Relativity's Snow White (with Julia Roberts) release date by four weeks, but now production can get rolling earlier because Stewart's availability for filming was just slightly in jeopardy.

As you Twi-Hards know, Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes out in November 18, 2011 and Kristen and Robert Pattinson will have the most promotional duties leading up to it.

Now, with Snow White's earlier release date, studio sources tell Celebuzz they are moving up filming at least a month to early August rather than September.

Insiders familiar with Kristen's schedule tell us part of changing the release date was to ensure she could do the film so it wouldn't interfere with Breaking Dawn press duties. Oh, we are also told Summit has been very accommodating as well to work around it K.Stew's filming schedule.

Chris Hemsworth is a go for the huntsman role and he joins Charlize Theron and Sam Claflin. Sounds amazing! Snow White and the Huntsman is set for a June 1, 2012 release.



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  • oniszko2

    This has nothing to do with K Stewart's movie, but I would personally like to ask you guys, don't you find it a bit curious that K Stewart never ever really touches R Pattz in public... If they are together why not, that she is shy well I don't think so, look at all of the things she has done with her ex Michael A... Please and the excuse that she constantly uses is the Papprazzi, I don't beleive it for a second. I refer to the MTV awards las year, when they won for the best kiss, he had to be so embarrased by what she did, did she think that was cute. you could see on his face how hurt he was, will she do the same if they win again this year.......There is something strange about this woman any other woman would love to have a guy like Rob...........

  • edwardbella2

    Robsten rock!!

  • nina

    do you really think Relativity is gonna sit back and be fine with this? If anything, they'll move their SW too! They are starting filming 3 months earlier after all! Oh, and your 'info' about an August start date is a$$talk, cause Hemsworth will be filming a super hero movie until September! You know what would be hillarious? Both studios spending hundreds of millions for these SWs and both of them FLOPPING!!!!! LOL!

  • victoria

    kristen is perfect for the role

  • Steff17

    Is going to be a great movie!!

  • Time Seven
    Time Seven

    I have read this news a few times in the last few hours, but you have put it in the best way, not siting it as a war among other things. i love Kristen Stewart and really like Charlize Theron , and i think Chris Hemsworth is handsome, and with the subject matter of Snow white and the huntsmen, i think it is becoming difficult by the day to wait for this movie. ♥

  • DG

    Thanks again for the nice coverage! Do you know the production or pre-production status of the indie film "K-11"? Written & directed by Kristen's mom. Seems like June of this year for start of filming was once mentioned. Probably on the back-burner again?

  • LoveRobsten

    Grazie Taryn for once again giving us the correct news. We Rob/Kristen fans love you.