Pippa Middleton Rows Her Way to Relaxation in Madrid (PHOTOS)

A Guide to Pippa
Get to know Kate Middleton's (hot) younger sister.
While her sister is off enjoying the tropics of the Seychelles on her honeymoon, Pippa Middleton is on a bit of a vacation (sorry, holiday) herself!

The younger sister of Kate Middleton was spotted over the weekend spending some time away from England in Madrid, Spain, where she and her ex-boyfriend George Percey — along with some gal pals — enjoyed themselves on rowboats and out and about in the gorgeous city.

Pippa and George, who once dated, rowed happily on a boat in Retiro Park on Sunday along with another one of Pippa’s girlfriends. Clad in a black skirt with a white blouse and vest, Pippa soaked up the rays as the trio enjoyed the water.

Meanwhile, Kate and Prince William are enjoying a private and tropical honeymoon in the Seychelles after delaying their initial honeymoon following the massive royal wedding on April 29. The duo have gone through extensive measures to keep their honeymoon private, and thus far, they’ve succeeded as no photos or real details of their trip have emerged.