A Guide to Nick Jonas' Many Girlfriends (PHOTOS)

Nick Jonas set the gossip blogs on fire when he was photographed holding hands with the much-older Australian singer Delta Goodrem this weekend but she isn't the only woman who has wooed Nick's heart. The hunky Jonas Brothers crooner has hooked up with quite a few famous young women, ranging from British reality stars to Justin Bieber's current squeeze.

Want to know all about the women who have gotten close to one of Disney's most lusted-after men? Check out the Celebuzz Guide to Nick Jonas' Many Girlfriends and share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • littleliar

    WAIT! they're dating??

  • MC1123RL

    I Miss Them :(

  • amtfan

    so cute. :) I miss them.

  • Anne

    niley ... it never ends :)

  • n

    I dont think they were even dating although they would make a very cute couple :D