Bradley Cooper Campaigning to Be People’s Sexiest Man Alive (VIDEO)

Single Bradley!
Cooper all smiles post Renee split
Bradley Cooper has always been a pretty boy, even as a kid! The Hangover Part II actor attempted to dodge compliments from Ellen DeGeneres who compared his dashing good looks to that of the gorgeous Rob Lowe. “You’re crazy. What are you talking about?” he said to the talk show host. 

Bradley did, however, sort of admit that he was a very cute kid.

“I was always mistaken for a girl. I always hated that so much,” he admitted. “I remember taking my buddy Kevin … to Murray’s Bagels for lunch and I was so excited to be paying for lunch.  I had my jean jacket on and she said, what would you like Miss?” Ellen responded, “That’s because you’re so pretty. Which is a good thing. It all worked out for you.”

The actor also revealed that he’s campaigning to be People Magazine’s next Sexiest Man Alive. Look out Ryan Reynolds! He disclosed that his Hangover costars Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis are helping in the “grassroots campaign.” “I’ve started passing out flyers at The Grove,” Bradley joked. 

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