Exclusive: The Buried Life Guys On Their New Book & What Their Moms Think About the Stunts They Pull

You know and love the guys from the hit MTV show The Buried Life, but now these fellas are taking it to the next level — writing a book!

Ben Nemtin, Dave Lingwood, as well as brothers Duncan and Jonnie Penn have made it their life goals to accomplish a list of 100 tasks to complete before they die. Some include getting a lock of Robert Pattinson’s hair, playing basketball with the President and asking out their dream girl.

Celebuzz sat down with the guys and talked to them about what we can expect from the book, whether or not there is anything even they’re too afraid to put on their list, and much more!

CELEBUZZ: Have you started writing the book yet? If so, what has been the most challenging aspect?
Jonnie: There’s over a million people from our Facebook page contributing uncensored list items and personal stories for the book. We’ve been carefully sorting through them – and through our own stories from the last 5 years – to find the creme-de-la-creme. Ideally each page will make you go ‘woah!’ by showing you something you hadn’t thought of before as a ‘thing to do before you die.’ There’s a range: emotional, sexy, heartbreaking, epic.. it’s all over the spectrum.

CB: Who’s the best writer of the four of you? Has that person been taking the lead?
Dave: Jonnie is Thor of the writing world. He can command thunder and lightning and put it on paper. And then mouth-kiss Natalie Portman. (Truth: no, we’re all amateurs. I apologize for the poor grammar).

CB: Will a lot be revealed in the book that we didn’t see on the show?
Ben: We’re not saints. The Buried Life started in a garage in 2006. There’s been a lot of untold stories from behind the scenes since then — all the standard fair of growing up: sex, depression, rock’n’roll. We want this book to show that you can party hard and still do good in the world. I think that most of our generation already knows that; our lives have just been an amplified example. And yes, it’s uncensored.

CB: When are you aiming to have the book in stores?
Jonnie: Spring 2012, around graduation.

CB: How do your moms react to some of the scary stuff you do?
Duncan: We try not to tell our moms everything. Dave’s mom wasn’t too happy when she told him he was going to be in an MMA fight, or when he called her to tell her he just got married in Vegas to someone he met 24 hrs ago. Inviting our moms to watch us on Oprah was good payback though.

CB: What feat (that you’ve been able to accomplish) was the most difficult thus far?
Dave: Playing basketball with the President of the United States and asking out Taylor Swift on a date. Both hard but very satisfying.

CB: What was the most inspiring?
Jonnie: Crossing off #53: Make a TV Show has been a dream since Duncan and I (brothers) were 10 years old making skateboard movies and wizard movies with our friends in Victoria (our hometown). Making a show with MTV — and I mean making: filming, editing, picking out the music — was a dream come true. We got to work with friends & professionals and turn out a quality product. Next up, films!

CB: Is there anything you are too afraid of to even put on your list?
Jonnie: Not after spilling my guts to my college sweetheart saying ‘You mean everything to me’ and then never, ever hearing back! We’ve done some ridiculous shit but that was far and away the scariest. I had to lay it on the line. Nothing is off limits anymore.

CB: What have you been doing during the time you haven’t been filming the show?
Ben: Planning our next mission.

CB: What’s one of your craziest fan encounters?
Duncan: A mysterious group called TBLS (“The Buried Life Secrets”) managed to get our cell numbers, home addresses and all sorts of personal info somehow. They’re like the Illuminati.

CB: Since you’re all going to be published authors, what are some of your favorite books/book genres to read?
Dave: Anything that you can flip through and each page will blow your mind.

CB: Other than the book, what’s next for you guys?
Ben: Can’t announce yet but have been talking to MTV about some cool new things. We’re also making a magic shoe. Seriously.

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