Expert Believes Money to Be Motivation in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Baby Shocker

Arnold & Maria Split
The longtime couple have gone their separate ways.
Arnold's Confession
Schwarzenegger shocker: Admits to baby with staffer.
Arnold Post-Split
The former governor is seen out and about.
Last week it was announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife of 25 years Maria Shriver were separating, which left many stunned. However, Tuesday morning another bombshell was dropped when the former Governor announced that he fathered a child with a staffer nearly 10 years ago (we’ve also learned this the house they shared is now on the market).

The revelation about his love child has only raised more questions, so Celebuzz decided to sit down with psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Wendy Walsh to get her thoughts on the unraveling situation. Why did he hide the truth? Wendy weights in! 

Do you think if Arnold [Schwarzenegger] had been honest with Maria [Shriver] 10 years ago about his illegitimate child, do you think she would have been more willing to forgive him?
It’s hard to look into the mind of a woman, because there’s no one way. It would really depend on what her political aspirations were at the time. Who knows how much she wanted to follow the family tradition of becoming this powerful politic couple, because of course 10 years ago he wasn’t even Governor yet. So, would she have let it go because she could live in the Governor’s mansion? Or would this have absolutely destroyed his political career because she would have divorced him at the time? If she walked out right before the campaign, he wouldn’t have won. He needed that Kennedy.

So you think that politics was his main motivation for keeping the child from her?
Absolutely, because look what happened. As soon as she found out, she left. It’s still very early, so I’m curious to know the back story to how this all came out. It’s not like he had this sudden bout of guilt and decides to do a press conference. There’s something, and my suspicion is something having to do with the baby’s mother. I think that he probably was paying her quite well for child support. Let’s assume a scenario where the baby’s mother was married and is now divorced. Now she needs more money or maybe the child has been raised thinking some one else was it’s father. My other suspicion would be she met a lawyer who said that Arnold’s name needs to be on the birth certificate so the child can be an heir and get a piece of the estate when [Arnold] passes away. Arnold is about to apply for social security, and those kids can get some of that too. I promise you there’s a money motivation here.

You don’t think it had anything to do with guilt?
No! He didn’t feel bad about having sex with this woman in his house or feel bad about hiding this child for 10 years. I’m sure the child came over to play with his own kids. He didn’t wake up one day and go, OK, I feel bad now. There’s money behind this in a big way.

When the announcement of their divorce was made it was shocking but didn’t seem to be too crazy, since people divorce all the time.
Yeah, they’ve been married for 25 years. Initially it just seemed to be a changing of the guards, or they’re changing their lives, they don’t have to be this perfect political couple any more.

Why do you think that men in the spotlight continually step out on their wives? Do they not realize the impact it can have if the information gets out?
I don’t think they’re any different than non-famous men. I think there’s a group of men that have a predisposition to cheating and it’s not a sexual, biological urge to need sex. It’s a high-resistance to guilt. In other words, there’s a chunk of the male population who feel less guilt. There have been studies done that show that men in general feel less guilt than women. So, no matter how much money you make, you’re going to fool around because you don’t care about the guilt. I do think in the population of powerful, famous men you also have another factor, which is narcism. They literally don’t care about anybody’s feelings or the consequences of their actions.

How will this situation affect his relationship with his kids, Katherine 21, Christina, 19, Patrick, 17 and Christopher, 13?
This is what disturbs me the most. I’m particularly worried about the sons because your father is your role model. If he obviously thinks this OK, then maybe they will think it’s OK. I mean, this is how you have intergenerational cheaters. They just do what they have seen and what they have heard.

How should he go about being involved with the reportedly 10-year-old child’s life while still keeping the feelings of his other children in mind?
I think every parent who has a biological interest in their offspring should be very, very involved with their lives. He doesn’t need to work, so he should try to manage his schedule a little better to spend time with all of them. Siblings, whether they’re biological or half, are always envious and jealous of each other, that’s part of growing up, so that’s natural. When you see someone that you have a blood relation to nurturing someone else you have a blood relation ship with, you in turn feel nutured as a by-product. He just needs to model being a better person for his kids. In fact, this press conference is a tiny step, although I am suspicious of what prompted it. But it’s a start of him being a good person, being authentic and him taking responsibility for his actions.

What do you think he should do now? Lay low? What would be his best next plan of action?
Well, he’s going to try to lay low because he wants his statement to be the only thing that gets out, but there are so many people involved in this story. There are his four children, there’s his wife, there’s the mother of the baby, there’s the husband [if she has one]. There are all these people having their own emotional experience and they’re going to be talking to somebody. And things are going to leak. So he can try to lay low, but what needs to get across to men, is that you can’t have a baby in a vacuum and just have it exist in only a tiny portion of your life. Babies connect families and whole communities of people. This is a much bigger web that he has cast for himself than one would think.