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Yo ho ho! With all the excitement surrounding Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, who doesn’t want to look like they’re ready for a high-seas adventure? That’s where Hayden-Harnett’s Pirates Collection comes in by creating a limited edition line of accessories. Even better, they’re kicking off the Pirates collection with a giveaway!

Celebuzz spoke with designer Toni Hacker about her inspirations for the collection — plus gives her picks for the “must have” summer essentials!

Do you design with celebrities in mind?
I don’t design with a specific celebrity in mind, but for our Pirates collection I was really inspired by the sneak peeks Disney offered us of Penelope Cruz as Blackbeard’s fearless daughter, Angelica. The costumes are incredible! Penelope is muy caliente in the film.

Which famous arms would you love to see carrying one of your bags around town?
I would love to see Michelle Obama with one of our bags or Penelope Cruz rocking our new Pirates collection Galleon satchel.

Summer is almost here! What are three must have items this season?
A great goes-anywhere bag in a neutral that dresses up or down with ease and is large enough to hold a pair of heels or a cute cardigan for quick changes. A classic cuff with that adds edge to your office ensembles or styles up simple summer wear. And, most importantly, a bright summer scarf in a conversational print that pops.

How have you been inspired by TV and film to design your collections?
Film has always been a huge influence on my collections, some TV, but there are so many films that have triggered the thought process behind our collections. Film faves: Blue Velvet, The Passenger, Inland Empire, The Fall, Blow Up. TV: Twin Peaks, Green Acres (mainly a color palette/campy kitsch thing; I love Zsa Zsa Gabor!).

Here’s how to enter: 1) Like Hayden-Harnett on Facebook and post a link of your favorite item from the Pirates collection (see all items here) to their FB page and why you love it. 2) Follow @hayden_harnett on Twitter and mention/retweet #HHPIRATES to enter. Remember to hit up Celebuzz on Facebook and Twitter as well for news updates and more giveaways! 

In the meantime, take a peek at this video showcasing Hayden-Harnett’s collection!

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