Giveaway Alert! Learn What It Takes to be a Fashionista with ‘Strutting it!: the Grit behind the Glamour’


Do you love fashion? Are you all about clothes? Can you tell what label somebody is sporting without even looking? Then Jeanne Beker’s new book is for you! 

As a highly respected, iconic figure in fashion and the host of Fashion Television, she’s sharing her secrets about what happens behind the runway! Her book, Strutting it!: the Grit behind the Glamour, is the know-all book for budding fashionistas. Not only was Jeanne gracious enough to speak with Celebuzz about her new book, she wants you to have a signed copy — FREE!
Thanks to The Devil Wears Prada, the industry has a rep for being brutal. How accurate is this notion?
Of course the fashion world can be brutal, but so is any arena where the stakes are high and tastes are fickle. The fashion industry is also filled with countless colourful characters who often have huge egos.  The scene can also breed a certain kind of insecurity in people, and jealousies often run rampant.  But people in the fashion industry can also be extremely generous, sensitive, and caring.  I see the fashion world as a microcosm of the world at large: It can be a very beautiful place, and a horrifyingly ugly place as well — that’s just the nature of life itself. 

What does it take to be a trendsetter?
Trendsetters are usually very independent thinkers who take chances, and go with their gut.  Setting trends involves committing to certain aesthetics that may be off the beaten track.  That takes a lot of confidence and conviction.

Many people want to be in fashion, what sort of training do they need?
It really depends on the job you’re going after.  Having an inherent passion for fashion certainly helps and should probably be a prerequisite for anyone getting involved in fashion.  Interning or apprenticing with an established designer or fashion house is invaluable experience.   Then, there’s something to be said about getting a great, formal education.  

No job is ever glamorous 24/7 — can you reveal some of the unexpected “grunt work” it takes to be on top of the trends?
Traveling may sound glamorous to most people, and it certainly has its moments, but keeping up with the kinds of grueling schedules that the fashion world demands is always a challenge.  You’ve also got to always look your best, regardless of how much schlepping around you may have to do. There are also a lot of personal politics involved in the business, and dealing with a wide assortment of personalities, some that might be very difficult … You can also never rest on your laurels, but always be pushing forward, coming up with innovative and creative new ideas to take your work forward and keep on top of your game. 

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