Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice Explains Blowup with Brother

Teresa Loves Mario
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Real Housewives of New Jersey fans knew from the first season that Teresa Giudice had a temper but who knew it ran in the family!

On Monday night's episode of the Bravo show, Teresa and her brother Joe got in an altercation during his baby's christening that once again had tables turning! "I have no idea," Teresa told of the argument that led to her brother and her husband going at it. "I totally blacked out after my brother told me to get out of his face or whatever he said. It's sad that my children were there; it's sad that my parents were there."  

The feud doesn't end there with Teresa's sister-in-law and the newest member of Real Housewives, Melissa Gorga, telling People that she just can't seem to get along with her husband's sibling. Melissa explained, "I think the root of a lot of our problems is just that if Teresa says black, I say white. We may seem similar but we are extremely different people." 

However, despite the big blowup, Teresa still has love for her family. "Me and my brother are best friends," she said of Joe. "Like I would have never in a million years done that to him." 



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  • Kim

    I always thought Teresa looked like a man dressed in dray...but did you get a look at her brother? He looks like one step up from an ape just stepped out of the jungle. These pepole are pure trash. Get on a big boat and go back to Itlaty.

  • nicole

    Trash show with Trashy people! I only caught bits & pieces b/c I was watching DWTS, so I checked them out on commercial breaks. Anything NJ is a joke! Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious & Housewives of NJ. Complete embarrassment!


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