Kim Kardashian Sparkles in the Desert (PHOTOS)

Kim's White Bikini
Check out that tiny bikini!
Kim's Dance Outfit
Kim flaunts her curves before a workout.
Update: Photos removed by request.

Here is a Tuesday pick-me-up: Kim Kardashian has just shared some behind the scenes photos of a shoot she did with Nick Saglimben!

The reality mogul isn’t afraid to get down and dirty for glamour as she poses in what looks like an abandoned run-down house.

Our favorite look? Celebuzz thinks Kim sparkles in that sequined leotard. It’s very Lady Gaga!

KK has been busy promoting her new fragrance Gold all across America, and after looking through these pics it’s even more clear why she was drawn to that name.

Check out tons more shots right here, and Kim wants to know…what do you guys think? Share your thoughts in the comment section.