Robert Pattinson Performs New Love Song (LISTEN)

Robert Pattinson Performs New Song
Rob in Vanity Fair
Robert Pattinson's Vanity Fair Cover
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Robert Pattinson performed an original song last year in London at Songs for a Room, a movement that brings music lovers together in a low key setting, and Rob's love ballad was just released online!

"I don't know what to say, I haven't played in a long time," says Rob, always so modest, as he introduces himself adding he think he will "f--k" it up.

Celebuzz highly disagrees! Listen to the song right here.

Pattinson fansites are calling the ballad "It's All on You." It definitely sounds like a love song to us, but what it's exactly about only Rob can know.

Popcrush has some of the lyrics:

“It’s all on you, baby / You turned your back when I tried to learn / Still I cannot lift my eyes / If your hands are turning mine / But you dared not / What you said our souls could contain / They could contain / But now I’m gone / With a broken twisted soul in mind / But for how long? / Cause I’ve wasted this train of youth all on you, all on you.”

Rob performed at Sofarsounds in January of 2010.

What do you think of R.Pattz the singer? We dig it!



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  • Chantel

    His music has always been and will always be my favorite thing about him. Rob's voice captures my soul. Twilight has nothing to do with it. It's ALL Rob. People may say what they like, but I am in love with his voice. And yes, I find him very attractive :)

  • Tiffany Hough
    Tiffany Hough

    Wows robert's music is unlike anything I have ever heard before. Its so beautiful and heart touching. Out of all my years all the music I've listen to his music is the most passionit and I love it. It reads my soul. I think he will make a great singer song writer. He's beautiful and so amazing. My best advice to Robert pattinson is to just follow your heart. It will bring him great things. No matter how hard, he can do anything that he puts his mind to. That's what makes him such a great artist.

  • metumble

    first of all: I'm not a teen and a lot of his fans are NOT teens (the teen fans are mostly Edward Cullen Fans and yes, there is a difference). second: it's folk. you have to like folk. he does have a good singing voice, although a bit shaky, but with some practice he could be great.

  • oniszko2

    Robert pattison is in Toronto by himself, he was at a concert last night for Adele...He was by himself...K Stewart was not there she dropped the dog off and left him in Toronto by his lonesome.....They felt so sorry for him.... So dont beleive all the stuff that these tabloids are writing she is not there he is alone.......

  • Marcus

    Robert could sing like a dead rath and his stupied fans would still say the love iy bcuz it is him. FUCK TODAYS TEENS

  • harry

    Seems like affectation to me.

  • duh?!

    no if it doesnt hold my interest then I quit listening to it. plain and simple

  • sydsouth

    * I love his songs, "Never Think", and "I'll be your lover too".* =}

  • juno

    i cried when i heard it and i rarely cry, it's so honest and sad but i like it.he's a talented singer

  • Fanpire Gleek
    Fanpire Gleek

    wow, i loved that song, it was very soft but strong in feeling. im in love rob's voice, its amazing and very unique ;)

  • edwardbella2

    you are great ROB!!!!!

  • metumble

    You have to be a fan of this kind of music. If you're just listening to all that mainstream crap you won't like it. I love it.

  • AKKU

    Cant act. Cant sing also. He is totally dependent on his fans blind love for this make belief thing that he is some kind of great singer. He is so NOT.....

  • T.C

    WTF is this


    COOL, I LIKE IT ! #1 !

  • you're funny
    you're funny

    btw it's "than" rather than then... just so you know ;)

  • MissChildie

    wow it was amazing solo album here he goes

  • idaolivia

    he is really great ;) nothing he cant do :)

  • quforyou

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  • asdkfjad

    They watch it because they need to watch something to make an opinion. Have you never finished watching something that sucked?

  • duh?!

    why did you take the time to listen then? It's funny to me how people will 'hate' something yet still take the time to view/listen/read whatever it is they hate. It's a good thing we dont all have to like the same things.....At least he's original...thats all i'm saying..

  • tatts09

    the pain of listening to this man sing is far more worse then having to shit with piles *disclaimer* no people..i do not have piles

  • melissa

    I am such a big fan of his music!!!!! Can't wait for him to make an album:)

  • angel2317

    he has such a soulful voice but he sounds nervous i hope he keeps playing and singing and maybe one day we will be able to hear his album .. i love this song <3

  • you're funny
    you're funny

    Noah, what happened in your life that resulted in you becoming such a negative guy?

  • Rodica


  • Noah

    My ears just puked a little.

  • kvaughn75

    Rob didn't perform this last August, it was before he started filming Bel Ami in January 2010. They just released that short video of his performance last August. Sofar Sounds told me that a year ago. They tweeted the wrong date. Plus he's too shaggy, he was never shaggy like that last summer because he was still doing Water for Elephants work.

  • Wilson1234

    When is his solo album coming out?

  • Wow

    this man is so talented! It's hauntingly beautiful! You can tell the music just drives him. Can I have him all to myself? ;)

  • Cristina

    It´s Very good! I liked very much! So visceral, strong, deep... Super!!!!