Exclusive: ‘Pregnant in Heels’ Star Rosie Pope Dishes Advice to Natalie Portman & Pink

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After weeks of fulfilling crazy requests from expectant moms (like having focus groups for baby names), Pregnant in Heels star Rosie Pope can handle it all. And with a celebrity clientele that includes Amy Poehler, Jane Krakowski and Kelly Rutherford always stopping by her store, she’s always dishing advice to make sure everyone is happy.

Celebuzz sat down with Rosie, who dished some heartfelt style and parenting advice for celebrity mommies-to-be: Natalie Portman and Pink. So what did she say?

With a maternity store full of fashionable outfits, Rosie wishes Portman would swing by for some style advice because she isn’t digging the “frumpy” looks the expectant mom has been wearing.

“She is the cutest, most beautiful woman, but her maternity style is crazy. My theory is if you wouldn’t wear something before  you were pregnant, you shouldn’t wear it when you are. She shouldn’t give up her personal style just because she’s expecting. She deserves to look gorgeous and not hide her bump under those frumpy clothes,” Rosie told Celebuzz.

As for Pink, the Pregnant in Heels star is dishing the same advice she usually gives to busy, working moms.

“For Pink, she needs to slow down. Until now, it has been all about her singing career, but now the career needs to take a backseat because it’s all about the baby now. For any celebrity, it may seem difficult to slow down but it is a must,” said Pope.

Watch a clip from Pregnant in Heels:

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