FIRST LOOK: Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in 'Hunger Games'


Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence has made the cover of Entertainment Weekly ... in character. The actress, 20, is playing 16-year-old Hunger Games heroine Katniss Everdeen and from the looks of the photo, she has traded in her blonde locks for a darker hair color so that she may resemble the character from the beloved book series. 

Jennifer, who gained notoriety from her critically acclaimed role in Winter's Bones,  told EW of landing the role: 

“I knew that as soon as I said yes, my life would change. And I walked around an entire day thinking ‘It’s not too late, I could still go back and do indies, I haven’t said yes yet, it’s not too late.’”

She added, "I love this story and if I had said no, I would regret it every day." Hunger Games director Gary Ross first met Jennifer during award season and she described to EW their first encounter: 
“He was asking me what the experience was like, and I just kind of opened up and said, ‘I feel like a rag doll. I have hair and makeup people coming to my house every day and putting me in new, uncomfortable, weird dresses and expensive shoes, and I just shut down and raise my arms up for them to get the dress on, and pout my lips when they need to put the lipstick on.’ And we both started laughing because that’s exactly what it’s like for Katniss in the Capitol. She was a girl who’s all of a sudden being introduced to fame. I know what that feels like to have all this flurry around you and feel like, ‘Oh, no, I don’t belong here.’”
Other actors signed on for the highly anticipated film include Stanley Tucci, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks and Liam Hemsworth ... to name a few. 

What do you think of Jennifer as Katniss? Does she pull off the look? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • saltimbanco

    that's totally the only thing i though after reading the whole article!

  • Sara

    I know,.. she could be more humble... but not she disshes everybody.

  • Annie

    The movie was called Winter's Bone, actually.

  • Rachel

    She already looks as annoying as Katniss is in the books.

  • Hope

    wasn't thrilled by her selection at first, but she does look Great on the cover - I can see Katniss there I'm a 50 y/o Mom, can't wait to see this movie- with my 13 y/o daughter of course

  • Lori

    She is just how I pictured Katniss in my mind. My friend and I love the Hunger Games and we can't wait for the movies!!

  • alice

    am i the only one who isn't really pleased with the idea of her playing katniss? but anw i can't wait for the movie (:

  • angel2317

    cant wait for this movie <3