Jessica Szohr Steps Out with Kellan Lutz After Reports She’s Leaving ‘Gossip Girl’ (PHOTOS)

Following news breaking last week that she got axed from The CW show Gossip Girl, Jessica Szohr was still smiling for the cameras as she posed alongside Twilight stud Kellan Lutz (who was sporting an iRenew energy bracelet) at the premiere of their movie Love Wedding Marriage. 

Jessica swept her hair back with tendrils framing her face and put on the pink lipstick. She also chose a super-formfitting gray minidress to show off her fit physique. The actress isn’t the only one leaving the show, according to reports.

A source  says both Jessica, who plays Vanessa, and Taylor Momsen (Jenny) are leaving the Upper East Side. They will, however, be invited back on a guest star basis in season five. While Taylor continues her music career with her group Pretty Reckless, Jessica is advancing into movies. 

In Love Wedding Marriage, the actress plays Mandy Moore’s crazy sister. Mandy is a marriage counselor who is set to marry Kellan’s character when his best man reveals to his future wife and in-laws that her hubby-to-be already had a wedding. This comes as a big shocker for the marriage counselor who is already dealing with her parents possibly splitting up and her nutty sibling (played by Jessica). The movie hits theaters June 3 or you can watch it on demand now.