Kirsten Dunst Goes Glam at Cannes (PHOTOS)

Kiki Makeup Free!
See the stars without makeup.
In case you’ve forgotten, the usually casual Kirsten Dunst can really turn it out on the red carpet  — as see further evidenced here and here. Girlfriend is really stepping it up in Cannes! 

Like many Hollywood stars, Kiki is on hand for the famed Cannes Film Festival, where she’s premiering her new film Melancholia. Director Lars von Trier has been making headlines for some controversial comments during the press rounds, reportedly making Kirsten squirm when he told reporters:

“The next film Kirsten insisted to me is going to be a porn film.”

All kidding aside, Melancholia is a sci-fi thriller about a nearby planet on a collision course for Earth. Serious stuff! The film also stars 24 bad boy Kiefer Sutherland and Alexander Skarsgard.

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