Sneak Peek: ‘Big Time Rush’ Does Prom! (VIDEO)

Big Time Rush Rock Out
The popular boy band performs a concert in LA.
It’s finally the time of year that every high schooler dreams of — prom!

The boys from Big Time Rush, (James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena, and Logan Henderson) are ready to celebrate this wonderful time with a brand new episode airing on Saturday May 21.

In the episode (titled, “Big Time Prom Kings”) it looks like each guy has their fair share of drama while trying to have the perfect prom night.

Check out a sneak peek of Saturday’s episode, where Carlos has corsage drama, James gets sized up by his dates bodyguards, Logan has to win back his lady and Kendall has to sneak his girlfriend in!

James even tweeted his excitement about the clip, saying:

@jamesmaslow: Hey guys check out this exclusive sneak peak of our new episode BigTimePromKings! It airs this Saturday at 8:30!

Kendall joined in on the tweeting fun, too!

@HeffronDrive: Check out this exclusive sneak peek of our video from Big Time Prom! Us performing “Nothing Even Matters”!

Logan also tweeted, adding:

Hey guys Big Time Prom is showing this Saturday! Really fun episode to film! Check out a sneak peek…

Like the guys said, don’t forget to tune in when it airs on Nickelodeon this Saturday at 8:30 PM! You won’t want to miss it.