Wild Celebrity Make-Up (VIDEO)

Celebs Without Make-Up
Check out these natural beauties!
Kesha Rocks a Bikini
Check out Kesha hang out at the beach!
It takes a lot of effort to create a signature look in Hollywood — proper clothes, decent footwear, the right hairstyle — and makeup is a big part of the deal! Would Ke$ha stand out with nude lips and earth-toned eyeshadow? Heck no.

While many may question her dramatic makeup, sometimes a heavy-handed application hits the mark; just look at Jennifer Lopez any night of the week! There’s no doubt she’s fully made-up when she steps out, and she’ always giving good face. Bold choices have earned her the honor of being one of the fine faces Celebuzz is profiling in our Wild Celebrity Makeup video mashup!

She’s in good company with the likes of Lea Michele, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and more. For some of the wildest Hollywood makeup looks, just press play.