Alex Pettyfer "Misunderstood" Not "Misquoted" in VMAN

Alex Pettyfer Says He's Misunderstood
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Dianna Agron's ex-boyfriend Alex Pettyfer made some not so nice headlines in VMAN last month when he said he had a "thank you" tattoo down there in case he forgets to tell the ladies, and also supposedly said he hated LA and wish they would "run the c--nts" out.

But, Alex just talked to E News to clear a lot of stuff up.

"I don't think I was misquoted so much as misunderstood," Pettyfer said at a Hugo Boss event in New York Wednesday night.

For example:

said that, not me."

And about those LA comments he says he "loves" it.

Bad boy or not, you can see Alex next on the big screen playing a stripper in the movie based on Channing Tatum's life.

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  • ezzy

    magazines edit interviews all the time to make them sound more interesting,everyone loves a bad boy

  • Jen

    This guy is a douchebag.