Beyonce Goes Tribal Chic in ‘Run the World (Girls)’ (VIDEO)

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After a delayed premiere, Beyonce finally debuted the highly-anticipated music video for her new hit, “Run the World (Girls)” during American Idol on Wednesday night.

In the video, the bootylicious singer shows off her curves in fringed hot pants (perhaps a nod to Rihanna’s shorts in “Rude Boy”?) and tribal chic gold jewelry. Who could wear a massive, glittering gold crown with chains hanging down its side to an apocalyptic dance battle? Only Queen Bey.

The nearly five-minute long video features lots of dancing and fashion magazine-inspired shots of Beyonce writhing around in the desert. We already knew that some of these costumes and dance sequences were coming when photos of Beyonce on set leaked last month but seeing everything come together in the video is an entirely different experience. Check out photos from the set below.

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