Celebuzz Exclusive: Pick Keenan Cahill's Next YouTube Cover!

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The wonders of the internet have brought us some remarkably wonderful viral video characters, and nowadays when a new hit song comes out, hundreds of thousands of web surfers await what video Keenan Cahill will be lip-synching and dancing to next on his web site KeenansRoom.com. So, rather than sit back and wait, Celebuzz is being a bit more proactive and teaming up with Keenan himself to let YOU, the Celebuzz readers, pick his next video!

Keenan tells us he'd love to do a video a hit song from either Ke$ha, Selena Gomez or Chris Brown. Aside from that, the rest is in your hands! Vote in the poll above and/or leave comments to let us and Keenan know which artist you think he should rock out to next, and then once the tally is in (voting will end on Wednesday May 25), Keenan will start prepping to do his thing.

Really want to see him do Selena? Be sure to share this link via Facebook and Twitter to all of your friends to get them involved! In the meantime, enjoy the goodness of Keenan doing Britney's 'Til the World Ends' in style:



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  • sydsouth

    * EDGE Of GLORY by Lady GaGa!! *

  • Anne

    wow ... you really are sick of him , i feel you

  • Anne


  • JM

    Can somebody get this ugly little rodent to shut up already? So many people get their lip syncing vids taken down but this little loser gets to keep his up kuz he has a "disorder/disease". The only disease around here is him. LOSER!!!!!

  • David D
    David D

    ⒹⒺⓋⓄ What We Do

  • los

    wu tang clan

  • Noah

    I voted for Chris Brown because he is a true American patriot.