‘Divorce Court’ Judge Lynn Toler Weighs in On Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver

Arnold's Confession
Schwarzenegger shocker: Admits to baby with staffer.
Arnold & Maria Split
The longtime couple have gone their separate ways.
Arnold Post-Split
The former governor is seen out and about.
Details of Arnold Schwarzengger and Maria Shriver’s split are still unraveling, but it seems that the 25-year marriage is headed towards a permanent end.

According to People, Maria hired prominent divorce attorney Laura Wasser to handle the seemingly inevitable legal proceedings. So, Celebuzz decided to sit down with Divorce Court’s Lynn Toler and get her views on the demise of not only their marriage, but celebrity marriages in general.

What are your thoughts on the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver debacle?
I think it was the right time. I think it was something she knew was there, but she was buying her time and waiting for him to get out of office and for the kids to grow up first. She’s going to be classy about it and not saying anything. She’s going to make her move and get out. She did the best she could for as long as she could, and now she’s done.

So was this a long time coming?
Absolutely. We’re all surprised because we’re getting it all at once, but she’s not dumb. She may be surprised by a few of the details, but not a lot. She did what she had to do for her family for as long as she could.

Do you think this will be a clean or messy divorce?
I think it will be very clean. They would both want it to be done quickly. He wants to move on with his career. I don’t think there will be a court fight.

How do you think this will impact their careers?
I don’t think it will hurt Arnold’s career very much. He’s an action movie type of actor, so based on that audience of guys, I don’t think there will be much impact. For Maria, I think it will make her more visible and stronger. I think people will admire her more and look at her as a journalist instead of just Arnold’s wife.

Do you think the divorce will still be a long process? Which way do you think each of them should go from here?
It might. They may both actually have prenuptial agreements. They are both very savvy and they both had money coming into the marriage. I don’t think either one of them wants to drag this out.

What are usually the causes behind the nasty celebrity divorces?
When there is an imbalance of power and who brought the money in, that person may want to get back at the spouse. When someone doesn’t want to give half of their money to their ex-spouse, that’s when things start getting bad.

Can you tell me about your career path and how you ended up on the show?
I went to college to be a doctor. [laughs] It didn’t work and I ended up being an English major. When I went to grad school, I decided to study law. I almost quit after the first year, but my dad threatened to cut off my money. [laughs] I worked at a law firm for nine years. Then, a judge retired, and at that time it was only six blocks from my house and I could set my own hours, so I went for it and won. I got a call to take over Divorce Court and took it.

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