Get Ready to Be Bitten By MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ (VIDEO)

The utterly creepy MTV version of Teen Wolf is slowly getting closer and closer to sinking its fangs into viewers when it premieres in early June.

The show is set to premiere following the MTV Movie Awards on June 5, and if you think it’s going to be just like the old Michael J. Fox, riding atop a car and partying version, well, think again. This Wolf is going dark — and judging by this clip, you can tell it’s only going to get scarier.
In this clip given to Celebuzz, the lead character Scott is seen with his pal Stiles digging up a grave in the woods, only to find a big old surprise under his shovel. It ends in a bit of a cliffhanger, and even we don’t know what happens next.

Teen Wolf premieres Sunday June 5th @ 11/10c, following the MTV Movie Awards, and be sure to tune into Celebuzz that night for over-the-top coverage of the Movie Awards!

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