How Maria Menounos Lost 10 Pounds and 2 Sizes

Get Kim's Bikini Bod!
Here's a how to on how you can rock a bikini like Kim!
TV personality Maria Menounos’ secret to losing weight isn’t that much of a secret at all. She just dropped 10 pounds and 40 pounds back in college the old fashioned way: diet and exercise. However, she did disclose to Self Magazine  some helpful tips to getting healthy results.

The Access Hollywood anchor and NBC Nightly News reporter incorporates a mix of basketball, running and yoga into her exercise routine. “Variety’s important to me, not a strict gym routine.” She advises, “Hire a trainer at least once to put you on a plan. I go see Andrea Orbeck, my trainer, for refreshers and to check my form.”

She’s also a big advocate for the only-eat-when-hungry philosophy, a message she says helped her lose this last bit of weight and gave her a sunnier disposition. “I recently lost 10 pounds and two sizes, and I’m less cranky!” Maria also admits she keeps almonds in her purse in case of a crunch and snacks on fruits and veges when needed. Her philosophies on health and fitness have paid off as these bikini pics prove!

Despite her recent focus on physical health, Maria told Self that at any size, she’s learned to “own it.” “Even in college, when I was 40 pounds heavier, I was super confident. It’s about knowing who you are. And being fit only adds to that. You feel as if you can take over the world. … When you show people that nothing is holding you back, nothing will.” 

For more with Maria — including her workout routine — check her out in the latest issue of Self Magazine