The Meet & Greet: ‘Super 8′ Star Ryan Lee

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JJ Abrams’ is the master of secrecy and sci-fi so it should come as no surprise that his latest film, Super 8, is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer.

While not too much is known about the plot, the movie (out June 10) features a slew of up and comers in its cast, with one of them being the scene-stealing Ryan Lee.

Celebuzz caught up with the rising star and got him to talk about what it was like being part of such a secretive project, his favorite on set memories, and much more!

Tell us about how you ended up with this role.
I went on an audition that had nothing to do with Super 8. The script was completely different, it was about two kids who were having trouble with math class. I got called back, and it ended up being that the audition was for JJ Abrams. It was really nerve wrecking, but he was very inviting and nice. Then he was the one who told me, [face to face] that I got the part. I was shaking I was so excited.

What was the filming process like?
Filming ran really smoothly – not rushed at all. We’d hang out and play football on set and just talk. It was all really laid back.

JJ Abrams like to keep all of his projects a secret. What was it like to be a part of something like that?
It was fun to be a part of it. Sometimes I wanted to tell some people, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t even tell my grandma!

Tell us about the character that you play.
My character’s name is Carey and he’s basically a pyromaniac. He loves to play with anything having to do with fire. He’s really laid back and just wants to have a good time. In the trailer, there’s a train crash, and my character is the only one in the movie who think it’s really cool.

Are there any similarities between you and your character?
Actually, yes. We brought our own personalities into our characters, so there are some similarities. I do like fireworks and had fun playing with the fireworks that my character had. [laughs]

What was the most memorable thing that happened on set?
I had my birthday on set. That was pretty memorable. They stopped the filming and said “We have something more important to take care of,” then they brought out this huge cake and sang happy birthday to me. It was really cool.

Where did you guys film the movie?
We filmed it in West Virginia for a month. Then we filmed in L.A. for two months.

Cloverfield was about monsters, and some people speculate that Super 8 may revolve around aliens. Do you believe in aliens and other life forms?
I think there’s something out there. We can’t be the only ones in the big universe. It’s weird to call them ‘aliens’ because if they saw us, we’d be the aliens to them.

Can you tell me a bit about how you got started in acting?
People would always tell my mom that I should be an actor or comedian because I always liked to tell jokes and make people laugh. One summer, we looked up acting camps and found one for me to go to. I went that summer and then took it from there. This is by far the biggest thing I’ve done.

Are you going to stick with acting as you get older?
I think so. It’s my favorite hobby. I really like acting because you get to become another person.

Are there any actors you really admire?
Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Robert Downey Jr. – there’s a lot.

What are some of your favorite movies to watch?
I really like watching movies with good endings that just leave you feeling really happy. I really liked The Soloist. I also like The Terminal with Tom Hanks. I used to not be able to watch it though, because it tore me up it was so sad.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
I like to skateboard and go to the movies. I like playing a lot of sports and just being a kid.

Do you have any other projects coming up?
I do. I shot a film with Samuel L. Jackson and Luke Wilson. That will be coming out soon.

What are you summer plans?
I’ll be promoting the movie for a bit. I’ll be going to Europe for it too. I’ll be taking a week off to go up to Canada with my dad. It’ll be fun.

Have you seen the final version of the movie?
I’m actually seeing it this Saturday. I’m so excited to see it! It’s going to be great! I’m shaking, I’m so excited!