EXCLUSIVE: YouTube Sensations Megan & Liz Debut ‘Happy Never After’ (VIDEO)

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Celebuzz interviews the YouTube sensations.
While they’re already famous for their YouTube channel vids, Megan & Liz are premiering something new right here on Celebuzz — the official debut of their first professionally produced video! The twins sisters are ecstatic about taking the next big step in their career:  

“We couldn’t be more excited for everyone to hear this song, to see us in high definition, and watch our first real music video!”

In another first, they reveal the song itself is different than others they’ve written.

“This song is actually the first song we ever co-wrote,” they tell Celebuzz. “We wrote it with Mike Shimshack and Caitlyn Smith. It was really different writing with other people, but also so much fun! It’s about moving on from someone you used to be involved with, and just accepting that they’ll always be your “happy never after.” We both had someone in mind when we wrote this, that’s for sure!

The girls had a blast making the video, too. “The video was so much fun to shoot as well! [Director] Casey Culver and the crew made it seriously a blast. We were on some random rooftop in Nashville, and we had to wait until it was dark to start shooting. It got really cold, but when the cameras were rolling it went away! It was so weird! The driving scenes were really fun to shoot too, because we had no idea where we were going, so halfway through the song Casey would just blurt out randomly, ‘Turn here, no there!’ It was really funny!”

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