‘Glee’ Guy Darren Criss Clean Shaven & Suited Up for GQ Magazine (PHOTO)

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'Glee' voices sing 'Friday' singer's praises.
Darren Criss: LOL!
The 'Glee' star gets silly on the red carpet.
Darren Criss is quickly becoming one of the breakout stars of 2011 thanks to his part as Blaine, the lead man of the Glee group the Warblers. 

So how does this up-and-comer keep from getting recognized when the cameras are turned off and the fans are rabid? He tells GQ Magazine simply: 

“I don’t shave when I’m not working.”

The actor only cleans up for the camera! Otherwise, he sports some seriously sexy stubble. He says of being onset, “It’s all very relaxing. You get a trailer on-set. You get treated really well.” Darren doesn’t just sing with his costars on Glee, he’s also been known to jam out with Matthew Morrison in his spare time. 

The Glee guys got together to perform “Summer Rain” off Matthew’s debut album. Check out the vid below to see how the two put their own twist on the smooth sound.

For more with Darren, check him out in the latest issue of GQ, sporting some super cool suits.