‘Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside’ Special Shows Singer in New Light (VIDEO)

Gaga Rocks Cannes
The Lady performs at the Cannes Film Festival.
MTV’s intimate interview with Lady Gaga promises to show the performance artist like you’ve never seen her before, and by that we mean sort of normal.

“I’m really quite traditional in a family sense,” she said in the special titled Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside airing May 26 at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET/PT. Though her stories of childhood are relatable to many, her interview outfit is as outlandish as ever. The pop star sported blonde locks with black bangs, knee high army boots and clown and/or mime-like makeup.

Despite growing up with two loving parents, Gaga does admit, while almost tearing up at times, that she was bullied as a child. 

The singer recalls a painful memory of when some of her male peers picked her up and threw her into a trash can next to a pizza place. She said “everyone was laughing” including herself, nervously. Gaga said she didn’t tell anyone what happened including her parents, saying in her candid interview, “I just remember holding down the tears.”

Gaga praised her fans for their support, saying of the little monsters, “Fans have been a key to my heart.” Meanwhile, the singer revealed who she’s a fan of music-wise, disclosing that her parents bought her Stevie Wonder and The Beatles when she was very young. 

“Don’t spoon feed me The Beatles, Stevie Wonder … Bruce Springstein, Elton John, and expect me not to turn out this way.”

Born This Way, Gaga’s next studio album, is to be released Tuesday, May 24. 

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