Lady Gaga Scares Justin Timberlake in ‘SNL’ Promo (VIDEO)

Gaga Rocks Cannes
The Lady performs at the Cannes Film Festival.
Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake are taking over Saturday Night Live, but J.T. looks a little worried in the show promos! In one of the promos, Justin screams when he glances over to find Gaga by his side. He says to the pop star, “AH! I thought you were someone else.”

Meanwhile, the two seem to be getting along considering Gaga tweeted a pic of the heartthrob with a caption that read: 

“Don’t be jealous ladies ;). I laughed so hard today I cried.”

Prior to these promos popping up, Justin shot another set with his comedy sidekick Andy Samberg. Also to hit the Internet were pics of the pair filming what looked to be a sequel to their sketch Motherlover that stars Susan Surandon and Patricia Clarkson. Take a look at the sketch below and don’t forget to check out Gaga and Justin tomorrow night, May 21.