Lindsay Lohan Admits She’s Still Into Guys

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There’s still a chance boys! Lindsay Lohan  went on Australian radio program The Kyle and Jackie Show and admitted that just because she’s had an on-again, off-again relationship with female DJ Samantha Ronson for a few years doesn’t mean that she’s done dating men. 

The embattled actress got a little awkward when asked about her sexuality but did say she’s still into guys before dodging the disc jokey’s other inquiries. 

Following her latest legal battle over a necklace she was charged with stealing, Lindsay has been completing her community service hours at a women’s shelter in downtown Los Angeles. Lilo says she’s “enjoying it” telling the radio show, “People are really nice. It’s amazing.”

Between her fame and legal issues, Lindsay says that she’s had to “weed out” some friends in her life, but not the famous ones. “I still talk to Nicole [Richie],” she disclosed. “I know her kids and everything. … We now have more of an acquaintance friendship.” As for her social life these days, Lilo claimed, “I don’t even really leave my house very much. … I cook a lot, watch TV a lot.”

Meanwhile, rumors have been swirling for years that Lindsay wasn’t able to land movie roles anymore because she was uninsurable. Now, the actress is set to star in two gangster movies, telling the radio show the rumors are false. “I’m insured. They just had to spend a little more money.”