Exclusive: PETA Blasts Selena Gomez's Pink Painted Horses

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Not everyone is a fan of Selena Gomez's latest video “Love You Like a Love Song." After the pop star was spotted on a Malibu beach with pink painted horses, animal right advocates including PETA were up in arms.

"There are no safe ways to paint a live horse or any animal; they can have painful allergic reactions to chemicals and there's no way to know how an individual animal will react," a rep for PETA told Celebuzz.

"Also, subjecting skittish animals like horses to extended periods of restraint and spraying is stressful and frightening."

Selena's camp has since responded to the controversy, saying that the pink substance was "non toxic, vegetable based powder paint" but that hasn't stopped fellow singer Pink -- a known PETA supporter -- from speaking out.

On Friday, Pink tweeted:

“If there are any animal activists around Malibu- at Leo Cabrillo State Beach, there are horses being painted for a stupid music video. Shame … Artists should be more aware and responsible for their actions.”
There’s no word on when the video will be released, but we'd love to know what you think about the controversy. Friend us on Facebook or Twitter and sound off.



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  • Alex

    Guys, at 4-h or basic parades for horse clubs, we paint the horses' manes and tales blue/green/pink/ or purple for decoration. lol - some people even do face paint on their horses and go full out with colored pink/blue/ etc. colored tack too! The die isn't harmful - as long as you make sure and wash it off, then groom the horse thouroghly.

  • Kitty

    I think he’s gorgeous. I stumbled on the video, and wanted to know who he is. The look is not at all my type, but he’s hot.

  • Kitty

    I think he's gorgeous. I stumbled on the video, and wanted to know who he is. The look is not at all my type, but he's hot.

  • _negative_


  • _negative_

    You need to love and tolerate people. Pace and love, not war and hate.

  • _negative_

    Oliver Seitz is the guy who plays the hippie. He is a number of short films.

  • nereid

    The guy is a hottie! I really really want to know who he is, is there anyone out there you could help me with finding out his name? :) And I agree with HippieLovers :)

  • joblo

    I like her...period!

  • HippieLovers

    ssssshhhhhhppppp!!! GUUUURRRRLLLL you be trippin if you think that man could be any cutier!@messyouup.com PEACE & BLESSINS PEACE & BLESSINS BETOCH. ;)

  • HippieLovers


  • HippieLovers

    You look like an ugly crap faced, who actually likes selena gomez so clearly youre young & in deinal! -___-[ DUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HippieLovers

    you best be rethinkin that little comment. You must be trippin guuurrrlll! >:(

  • HippieLovers

    you guys all suck!!! that guy is GORGEOUS! HIPPE HATERS! your taste men is terrible i hope you have ugly disformed children with your ugly preppy man. goodday.

  • emilyy


  • hmm

    I think people should just leave this alone. Yeah painting the poor horses pink was wrong but she's just human. She makes mistakes, everyone does. Painting animals is a big deal but she shouldn't be the one to blame. It's the directors that should. Ehh that's what I think.

  • Jordan

    Selena's rep said that the paint was NON-toxic, not toxic. And, Selena made a mistake, like many people do every day. You can't expect her to be perfect all the time. She probably just assumed that since the paint was non-toxic it wouldn't harm the horses. I do agree that painting them was wrong, because I feel like animals should be treated with the same respect as people, but Selena shouldn't be getting so much hate about this. She's human; she makes mistakes. She usually makes the best decisions for herself and for others, she's very down-to-earth and caring, and she always has the best intentions. PLUS, the paint obviously didn't harm the horses too badly, seeing as they are fine now.

  • anonymus

    I'm so scared right now

  • Sandra Soriano
    Sandra Soriano

    ughh hate this the boy looks like a horse hahhaa

  • monicabianca0703

    If it weren’t for Pink speaking of this first, no one would even notice it. I love Selena and I love horses(and other animals, of coarse). I know it’s wrong and all but a lot of you are making a BIG DEAL out of this. If you’re a meat lover, you’re no different with someone who paints a horse pink(you might even be worst). I shouldn’t be talking if I’m someone who loves eating meat. We’ve all made a lot of mistakes, just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she has to be perfect to everyone’s eyes. She has a lot of haters(just because she’s dating a certain famous guy). A lot of the reasons why she’s getting a lot of hate is really irrelevant. Of course someone will say, “you’re a fan, of course you’ll be defending her”. I may be defending her, but it is because a lot of you are making a big fuss out of this. A lot of people already did this before, no one noticed because they were not famous, I know a lot of people who own some animals that’s painted just for the hell of it, I have a friend who have rainbow colored pigeons. My neighbor have a dog with pink and purple highlights. It’s okay to give your opinion but hating on someone just for the hell of it is different. ;)

  • monicabianca0703

    If it weren't for Pink speaking of this first, no one would even notice it. I love Selena and I love horses(and other animals, of coarse). I know it's wrong and all but a lot of you are making a BIG DEAL out of this. If you're a meat lover, you're no different with someone who paints a horse pink(you might even be worst). I shouldn't be talking if I'm someone who loves eating meat. We've all made a lot of mistakes, just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean she has to be perfect to everyone's eyes. She has a lot of haters(just because she's dating a certain famous guy). A lot of the reasons why she's getting a lot of hate is really irrelevant. Of coarse someone will say, "you're a fan, of coarse you'll be defending her". I may be defending her, but it is because a lot of you are making a big fuss out of this. A lot of people already did this before, no one noticed because they were not famous, I know a lot of people who own some animals that's painted just for the hell of it, I have a friend who have rainbow colored pigeons. My neighbor have a dog with pink and purple highlights. It's okay to give your opinion but hating on someone just for the hell of it is different. ;)

  • monicabianca0703

    uhmm... Oliver Seitz is 22 years old.. :D just saying..

  • Sin

    If the horses die, there are people out there in California who will not let it go to waste. Specials at the Chinese restaurant coming up. Animals are to be used. Thats why we are on top of the food chain.

  • Sin

    You couldn't paint me pink because I am NOT an animal like the horse. Animals are just tools for humans.

  • Sin

    I am a member of PETA....People Eating Tasty Animals.

  • TJayde

    everyone knows it wasn't Selena who actually did the painting but she didn't stop it and she still approved of this happening to a horse. also horses look amazing white, why not give a white one a clean and have that? would have looked alot better and been alot safer.

  • Ishita Roychaudhury
    Ishita Roychaudhury

    everthing looks extremely fake....

  • sydsouth

    * Umm...I think we know that she Selina Gomez didn't actually literally paint the horses herself silly! * lolz xD

  • tl

    I dont know about where you guys are but in EVERY parade I have ever been to there were horses painted(american flag and such) It really isnt such a big deal. I guarantee that over half the people saying how wrong this probably arent vegans and use a product that is at least in some part tested on animals.

  • Laura Johnson
    Laura Johnson

    I own horses and have been around them for years... this horse is fine. It doesn't appear to be "skittish" at all. People "restrain" their horses all of the time (grooming, trailering, etc.) with no problems. Horse owners know that you have to use LOTS of chemicals to maintain their health, such as supplements, dewormers, and, oh no, daily fly sprays that are LOADED with chemicals and probably far more toxic than that paint. Horses are EXPENSIVE, so no one in their right mind is going to put such a delicate creature in harms way. I'm sure that they did a patch test on the horse (sound familiar to anyone that has dyed their own hair??), and promptly washed it all out of their hair after the shoot. C'mon people, use some common sense. If you don't know what you are talking about, keep your mouth (hands?) shut.

  • Seriously?1?

    I heard one of the horses was really sick and died...wait, no? that didn't happen? So what you're telling me is that these horses are fine? Oh, and the horses said to tell you they always wanted a pretty pink coat and they are glad someone advocated for them so they could finally feel like a princess.

  • ann

    dude, you eat horses?

  • sin

    You peolpe need to get a life. It is just coloring. It washes off. If you want to protest, protest the gas prices, protest the illegals coming into America while the Federal Government turns a blind eye. Protest something that matters. A pink horse isn't anything to worry about.

  • sin

    Its just a damned animal. So what if we color it pink? Better that we use it instead of eat it.

  • TJayde

    Even if the humane society says it's safe they dont know, and couldn't know hot much stress the horse was under and how much pain the horse was really in. And as for you calling pink a 'jealous freak' Pink is more successfull than selena will probably ever be, you're the one who needs a new hobby. As for everyone else saying 'If Gaga can wear a meat dress Selena can paint a horse' and 'Animals were killed for Gaga's Dress' What are we playing and eye for an eye now? one celebrity does something wrong so it's fine for another to aswell? Stupid ! and animals weren't killed specifically for Lady Gagas dress, they would have been killed for our food, so if you eat meat your as bad as your saying Lady Gaga is.

  • Ann

    Her fans need to stop defending her with such lame excuses. Painting horses is wrong, Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress and leather is also wrong. Period. And by the way, she's like 19, she's a grown up, she should know that this is wrong.

  • Lilamedusa Baudelia
    Lilamedusa Baudelia

    It's not a matter of wether the material was toxic or not. There are non-toxic substances that can hurt us regardless. What hurts a human being and what hurts a horse are not the same. Besides, there is no reason to subject an animal - that has not agreed to it - to unnecesasary pain just for the sake of it. Little Ms Selena could think of someone else besides her for a change.

  • apurva

    fake hair. fake eyelashes. fake horse. she's naturally beautiful. this makes her look trashy.

  • Aneles Zemog
    Aneles Zemog

    law and order were not violated by Selena Gomez - Pink better informed before, then one need not feel ashamed afterwards

  • nicky4alex


  • nicky4alex

    look the moment that she laid eyes on those horses she shud have said no thank you....but i bet you she probably thought it was cute, just shows you what a hypocritical bitch she is....going around telling ppl she's a UN worker, UN worker my ass yes..............!

  • nicky4alex

    petty....its the petty things that celebs get away with that has this world so fucked up......lets say we all forget about this what will u do wen she starts giving dolphins piercings and putting make up on them? are we gonna forget about that too, oh im sure u will...aren't we glad we have some1 like u in the world(gagging).

  • nicky4alex

    well........lady gaga is down right weired so we can expect anything from her...but selena gomez is an embassador she should know what she done was cruel to the animal...i mean i dont go around painting my rabbits toenails i would be thrown in jail for that shit....she shud understand nw that she's a grown women she shud act like it, her fans look at her as a role model she shud act like 1.......!

  • elle

    I like her better with short hair...

  • samuel

    u kno wat?! someone shud paint u a toxic pink and then u'll see how it feels.. ur so frikin stupid! i hope u rot nd die! also, i admire selena but i just cant believe someone down to earth cud do sumthin like this.. nd if it was lady gaga or kesha or watever, this wud still be very wrong

  • JustinJaden_

    Selena hardly painted them herself like?

  • wellma

    Lady Gaga wears meat, Selena have a painted hores who wins?

  • michelle

    so,,,,,,,,,,,,, it doesnt matter if it was the director vision or idea she has a say in everything she does ....no one is forcing her to do nothing they told her that oh the horses are safe so she like o k lets do it.

  • michelle

    yeah shes turning 19 painting horses pink has NOTHING!!! to do with growing up hello .....she knows what she doin wrong and watch she say srry and be like im srry i didnt mean to blah blah

  • me


  • SomeGirl

    He looks like an avatar! LMAO.

  • SomeGirl

    If I were famous I wouldn't paint horses pink or any color for that matter. #justsayin

  • lol

    BIG DEAL! an animal was painted... SO??????????? isnt there such a thing as face painting for humans?? how many humans have died from being painted or anything? stop being so EXTREME people.

  • summer

    poor animals.. but just one thing i really wanna say.. FINALLY! selena made a mistake! kinda sick of her being goodie-goody

  • James

    How the hell do you know that it is toxic? Were you the administrating the painting?

  • Zaza Mimoza
    Zaza Mimoza

    OMG, she shoots a video with another guy than her BF and he doesn't say anything and he does OLLG and meets his fans and she says she don't want him to do it?

  • Arhena Rema
    Arhena Rema

    you idiots she didnt dye that hourse pink, the person who ever wanted to do the shoots did! i swear you lot are stupid fucking go get some brains into your dumb head!!

  • Nicole

    Noooo you've gotta kiddin'! Lol.

  • joujou

    im a fan of selena and i love her but people are making a big deal out of it. so when lady gaga dressed in the meat dress i didnt see anybody comment. cuz they didnt notice that animals were killed because of this dress. they just like to tease little teens and they see that adults like lady gaga and pink as their role models, and i think that selena can be blamed a little bit cuz she agreed on those horses. and back off people she is still a little teen.

  • Geisha_Girl

    Vegetable hair dyes that are non-toxic to humans and animals do exist - Manic Panic by Tish & Snooki have been chemical-free since their inception. No, we have no way of knowing if the dyes used in the video were non-toxic, but for those of you freaking the h*ll out over this, educate yourselves before you bother commenting in order to avoid looking stupid.

  • Hanny10

    hes like cheking out down her top! im dissapointed in this video so far.... :/

  • shalie

    poor girl! that make-up is hideous! the entire ensemble is a train wreck. She's a pretty girl, but this mess looks horrible.

  • Nomi Rebecca
    Nomi Rebecca

    she didn't eat the fucking horse, get over it.

  • samantha

    i saw this on twitter. "Selena Gomez Painted her horses pink, and people are making a big fuss. but PETA or nobody cared when Lady Gaga came out in a meat dress. Animals DIED because of that dress." Or something along those lines. which is the complete truth. That person above is right, nobody would care if it was Lady Gaga. Because it's expected of that fucking freak but when a disney star does ANYTHING wrong, people are quick to jump on them. And I'm not saying, that it's okay for Selena to do this. Because, it's not all that great. But in the end, the horses didn't die. It didn't hurt them, it wasn't harmful dye. And before you go off, i do LOVE animals. It's just blown too far out of proportion.

  • alexiSwiLson

    Even if its a vegetable base dye....The chemicals that are in it are still hurtful. They use Vegetable Dye to chemically paint eyelashes. When you use it, after 10 minutes or so, it starts to sting. Imagine what they had put in the dye. You dont know if they mixed it with something else.

  • someone

    @ a.simpson your not the animal so how exactly how would you no if its hurting the animal?!

  • dafish11

    i think there going for a love-hippie music vid :)

  • WhyDoYouCare

    can't BELIEVE "who says" was just a month ago.....look at this.....gawd.....at least she's not a bad role model like Miley. She's a nice person.....with a not-so-nice taste. ugh.....the guy and the makeup are such an epic fail...

  • WhyDoYouCare

    the hairs not bad its just boring.....and she looks retarded.....especially in the first picture......probably trying out something new i guess.she is growing up afterall......but it takes a few tries to get your own style....

  • thisisastupidarticle

    Who cares. It's a stupid horse. Meanwhile, children are starving, dictators are committing genocide and humanity is falling apart. Im sure the horse will live without holding a grudge.

  • missciera101

    Ewwee .Selenas pretty but the guy could of been cuter..

  • ME

    Is she famous?! Who knew!? I'm upset, because someone would do something this superficial to an animal. Treating it like it's an inanimate object or a thing for her to play with...with NO regard for this animal's feelings. That's why I'm upset. If she had painted a person pink, then it wouldn't be that big of a deal, because the Person would have been able to give his or her consent. The animal can't do that and therefore it should not have been done.

  • ME

    None of them would even do something that stupid and if they did, I would still be pissed off.

  • ME

    Exactly! How idiotic do you have to be to do something like this to an animal!! What the crap!? The horse is beautiful just the way it is! Why would you cover it in some substance for you crappy music video that no one cares about?!!? She's so dumb. All of these little American, Disney celebrities are just STUPID!

  • Xadax

    LAdy Gaga actually used a painted horse on the director's cut from Paparazzi. Tsk tsk tsk Yet she wasn't attacked bcoz she has delusional fans!

  • Ama

    Oh wow, PETA is angry about something that has to do with celebrities and animals-shocker. Not. PETA will “raise their voice for the animals” anytime it will get them more publicity. I'm really sick of them. I honestly see them as nothing but a big joke full of hypocrisy. That being said-Selena usually has a level head about many things, and makes great decisions on her career, whether it be music or acting. This is one thing I think she didn't think was that big of a deal or she didn't think it through enough before making the decision. The pink horses could have been photo-shopped in, that aspect of the video could have been approached differently then painting the horses. However, this one thing doesn't make Selena a terrible person. I do know that there is a safe dye that can be used for dogs, where one can dye their dog different color and it will not hurt the dog at all and is completely safe to use. Perhaps the paint was the same? As long as the horses were treated nice, handled correctly, and weren't put in any stressful situations(or if they seemed stressed/tired at any time during shooting they weren't pressed to continue in the video production and/or were allowed to rest) then I really don't see a big deal about it. Again, I don't agree with painting the horses-hopefully Selena will make better decisions when it comes to having animals in her music videos in the future. I just think people are making this a bigger deal then it actually is. Seeing as how most people commenting on the matter weren't there for the painting of the horses, nor the shooting of the video-so they are just assuming as they speak( I am too just speaking from my opinion, not saying anything above is fact-well aside from the dye, I do know there is animal friendly dye-).

  • ezzy

    stop attacking selena,she is only 18.people are hurting animals in worse ways all over the world.PETA should be trying to deal with that not something as petty as this

  • A.Simpson

    I think celebrities do stupid things and don't realize what impact they are putting on their fans. People do stupid things

  • A.Simpson

    how do you know it doesn't hurt the animal...

  • A.Simpson

    no animal should be treated like this; whoever the owner...We dissaprove of random people abusing animals, so why would we change our views if it is a celebrity...

  • gdviyfswyhl

    if gaga can a wear meat dress selena can paint a horse

  • nicky4alex

    selena is as much to blame as the morons who directed this video she is suppose to be an embassoder and look what the hell she's doing...but whats done is done she has to take responsibility for her actions and i suggest she start with a public apology instead of sending a rep like most of these cowards do today...and i support what ever action peta takes against her!

  • sin

    Murder, illegal immigration, drug abuse, child abuse, rape and these PETA idiots have the time to complain about making a horse appear pink for a video? PETA losers need to get a life. I they want to be activist, be one for a common cause.

  • sin

    They painted a damned horse. So what? They didn't abuse or kill it. So PETA shut the hell up!!! Do something usefull with your life.

  • stupid

    I'm sorry but what does her growing up have to do with her painting a horse pink for a stupid music video? She has nothing better to do than make a music video for some stupid single we're they have pick horses?? Yeah grown ups have horses painted pink in their videos. She's so mature.

  • fde

    poor animals...these celebs gone too far...

  • wow...

    no one is picking on her. Maybe if she wasnt so extravagant and didnt need to paint horses for a music video no one would pick on her dope.

  • Thandrale

    Pink needs to get rid of all her hair dye and all her makeup. Her pets could accidentally lick some of that stuff off her.

  • Thandrale

    Gee. Pinks an animal and she's been putting toxic chemicals on her hair for years. Of course she is a bit dimwitted now.

  • selena

    leave her alone and cut her some slack. tell the stupid director this. anyway she is not a cruel person or jerk. she is growing up.

  • Anne

    please she didnt even write the song ofcourse its not her idea . but if shes the one who agreed on doing the song she also agreed on doing the vid and painting the horse . but seriously its not that big of a deal there is no need to sue . people need to calm down

  • Chellll

    Uhhhhhhhhh. isnt he like 35? Really?

  • Anne

    seriously ?????? stupid fan !

  • kittywonghf

    dude... its a music vid of selena, but she's not the person to come up wif this idea... so unless she did, they should sue the director of it not her

  • Marcus

    It is the truth ur moron, I bet ur are sayin that buz u are a "little monster" fucked up teen

  • rahrah

    everyone's just picking at her because she's famous she hasn't actually done anything wrong so stop over exxagerating!

  • Anne

    they should've just photoshoped the horse pink insted of painting it . yes the horse does look sick yes its wrong even though its not harmful cause it sends on a message that its ok to paint animals and not many people use harmful paint . its ok i think she learnd from her mistake BUT SERIOUSLY selena should be the one who stands up for herself not her "people"

  • Anne

    i am soo sick of that excuse !

  • istartednottoliketaylorswift

    what they did on that music video is wrong anyway. . the one who direct on that video should be at fault. .

  • SelGo4EVER

    If someone like Lady Gaga, Kesha and Pink did that, people would love it. Just because Selena is a few years younger than them doesnt mean you can pick on her. Cut her some slack!!!

  • javi

    its a shame that peta would go crazy just for two stupid horses i know they have the right to protest but check with the humane society if they say its safe its safe and pink you need another hobby and stop attacking singers 10 years youger than you you jealous freak.

  • PoorHorse

    to the comment above. If you are an animal activist/lover you would know any that any kind of crap like this is not good for animals. Stars like pink who does not care who selena is are only looking out for the animals who can't speak for themselves. If they wanted a pink horese they could have used CGI. WTF is wrong with people that can't see that this is wrong.!!!! Artists need to be responsible for their actions.

  • hannalooloo

    you guys need to calm down! it's not hurting the animals! it's amazing how no one goes crazy when it's something that a non teen star does..