Exclusive: ‘Pregnant in Heels’ Rosie Pope on Her Accent, ‘SNL’ Spoof and Dream Client Katie Holmes

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Waking up to news that SNL had spoofed her, Pregnant in Heels star Rosie Pope rushed to the computer nervous about what made the air. In the skit, Abby Elliott played the maternity concierge to an over-the-top and pregnant character played by Tina Fey.

“There was a freakish moment right before I hit play. I didn’t know what to expect. It was either going to be really good or really bad,” she admits to Celebuzz. So what did she really think of the spoof?

“I loved it! This skit is the biggest honor I’ve ever had in my career. They made fun of my accent — which wasn’t bad at all,” said Pope, who recently teamed up with Pampers as part of the launch of their new Limited Edition Prints diapers. “The fact that the show has made enough of an impact that Tina Fey noticed, that is an honor,” Pope said.

So what is with her accent? “People think my tongue is swollen. They have all these crazy theories about why I talk the way I do. It’s so funny. But honestly, I grew up in London and moved to New York when I was 18,” she said.

Below: Watch the SNL skit and read the rest of our interview with Rosie.

As a maternity concierge, you’ve worked with a lot of celebrities. Is there any one you would love to bring on as a client?

Katie Holmes! I think her style is so quintessential American that she’d love the clothes in my store.

Let’s say hypothetically she gets pregnant and comes to you, what advice would you have to give her?

Katie would need to prepare Suri for the big transition because once the new baby comes, she’ll have to share the spotlight. Suri is 5 now, so it is much more difficult because she has been the only child for so long.

You gave birth to your second son in February. Congrats!

Thanks. He is the best baby in the world. He barely cries and travels with me everywhere. It has been a great bonding experience for us. My older son has been great too. He’s happy about having a new baby brother, and I’ve been making sure he doesn’t feel left out.

You had a lot of trouble getting pregnant the second time, but are you going to try for more children eventually?

Yeah, if we can have them. Not sure how it’ll happen, but if I get pregnant, I’ll welcome more babies.

You’re usually the one dishing advice to pregnant mothers. What’s the best advice you’ve received?

Get lots of sleep and just enjoy it. Some women get so caught up in their body changing and becoming a parent that they let the amazing nine months pass by. Women should live in the moment and enjoy it.

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