The Meet & Greet: ‘Melissa & Joey’ Actor Nick Robinson

Welcome back to Celebuzz’s Meet & Greet, where we sit down and chat with rising young stars of film, television and music before they hit the big time. Watch out for these future A-listers!

With his witty, comedic timing on Melissa and Joey, 16-year-old Nick Robinson holds his own on set — even when performing next to seasoned actors Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. This rising star is a stand-out among his peers, and will soon be everywhere, now that he has also landed a role for a new, untitled Disney original movie.

Celebuzz caught up with the rising star and got him to talk about his latest role, his dating life and much more!

You’re hysterical on Melissa and Joey. How does it feel working with these two seasoned stars?

Most of my background is in theater, so it was a little nerve-wrecking because I didn’t have a lot of film experience. It was a new world, but Melissa and Joey are pros… Everything I know, I learned from them.

Now, I’ve heard you’re quite the prankster off set. Is that true?

Yes. On April Fools, we put cellophane over Joey’s dressing room door. Unfortunately, he ducked under it at the very last second… I’m sure Joey is planning revenge for me, but I’m still waiting.

Watch Nick on Melissa & Joey:

You have some pretty die-hard fans out there. Do you have any interesting/ crazy fan stories yet?

I haven’t had any crazy fan encounters yet, but there was one girl on Twitter who told me she was going to get my name tattooed on her back. Hopefully, she won’t do that.

Several of your fans wanted to know: Are you single?

Right now, my love life is non-existent. I’ve been working so much and haven’t had the chance to meet a lot of new people in Los Angeles. There was  girl back in Seattle that I had a crush on, but for now, we’re just friends.

So what do you look for in a potential girlfriend?

Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, has a good sense of humor and someone I’m totally comfortable around.

Looking ahead in your career, which celebrities do you want to work with?

James Franco and Leonardo DiCaprio. They have great work and excellent careers, so I would love the opportunity to work with them.

Finishing up, I read on your bio that you play the ukulele. 

Yeah. Word is really getting around about my weird little factoid. (laughs) I really enjoy playing because it puts my mind at ease. I learned it for a play I did in Seattle… That’s what I love about acting because I get to try all these new things — that I would never normally do — and find out I like it.

What’s next for you?

Well, I just finished a project here in Toronto. I’ve been here for five weeks filming a Disney Channel original movie. It was a lot of fun. Wish I could tell you more, but I have to keep it under wraps.