Rihanna Shows Up In Sexy-Chic Style For Billboard Awards (PHOTOS)

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Rihanna stepped out of her "California King Bed" and onto the red carpet for this year's Billboard Awards.

The sexy pop star tweeted her excitement for the big show, writing: 

"Billboooooaaaaarrrrrrddddsssss!!!!!! In THE VEGAS!!! Don't forget to watch me open up the show tonight! #RihannaNavy I love you guys."

Rihanna chose a white ensemble for the awards, wearing white slacks and a blouse that had a super plunging neckline. The singer invited all her fans to Las Vegas for the festivities on Saturday, tweeting: 

"Come and get white boy waisted with me, tomorrow night at LAVO in The Vegas!!!"
Earlier this month, Rihanna unveiled the video for her track "California King Bed." In the video, RiRi and her man (both wearing practically nothing) get sexy between the sheets on their bed by the beach. Check out the video below. 



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  • Kaydence

    You've really captured all the esensitals in this subject area, haven't you?

  • jerseyliciousgirl

    f u ur just jelous

  • jerseyliciousgirl

    omg i love that suite and ur wearin it god too

  • Toby Likker
    Toby Likker

    She has beautiful lips and haunting eyes.

  • courtneybaaaby

    sorry but i hate it, looks like a dude.

  • BITCH!

    sexy(only one word was needed) ;)

  • Adeola Aderonke
    Adeola Aderonke

    woooow....,she looks so beautiful. love her, love d hair nd also love wat she's wearing...hun..:)xxx

  • hailie


  • Gm Charles Regis
    Gm Charles Regis

    loving this pic...gorgeous smile

  • Gm Charles Regis
    Gm Charles Regis

    flawless pic...waw

  • shaquaan

    {the hair looks red one minute then it look orange it looks better re the orange look too too cant call it back to red........rhianna

  • shaquaan

    {is that hair orange or red {i thought it wuz red imma feel like a total a hole.......rhianna

  • shaquaan

    {the red hair is poppin}....look @those eyes....check out her pose........her swagg is on 1thousand trillion.........she on her business ownership shit........nice.........she b killin em....hott......red hair

  • shaquaan

    i agree on what everyone else say rhianna do look hell of good pause(i said to myself to rhianna on the computer of the video with drake"keep the red hair"she is one of the hottiest female in the music industry her eyes the white suite the pose is just fabulous she is killin em

  • sheryl1996

    OMG!!!!!! rihanna u are the hottest female around... u r just soooooo beautiful... the suit is nice too

  • Tasha Milan
    Tasha Milan

    She looks Beautiful , I Love This Women <3