Justin Timberlake Makes Justin Bieber Jokes in Unaired ‘SNL’ Sketch (VIDEO)

Justin and Selena Kiss!
The happy couple smooches at the Billboard Awards.
Justin Timberlake is proving he can laugh at himself … and Justin Bieber. In a sketch that didn’t quite make the show, Justin plays the role of the famous conductor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but in this case, the musician is looking to go into acting. Sound familiar? 

Mozart’s fans are up in arms when he announces that he’s giving up music to pursue plays. In real life, Justin is starring in the upcoming film Friends with Benefits and hasn’t released an album in years. “I’ve been working in music since I was a boy. Now I’m going to take a break from music and become an actor,” Mozart, aka Justin, tells the people. 

Upon the news, the group decides to start working for “that new kid” named “Wolfgang Amadeus Bieber”!

Mozart is not too happy with this, saying, “Bieber! C’mon you can’t be serious!” 

In addition to making jokes alluding to Justin’s movie career, the sketch also makes light of his time in the “Austrian Mouse Club”, aka Mickey Mouse Club, and his new “hipster” look.  “When did you start wearing those horrid spectacles?” the people ask as he puts on his glasses that look very similar to those that Justin wears in real life.

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